Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Rebased Norman Era Armoured Crossbowmen

Falcon Figures Feudal Armoured Crossbows

So almost one year after my previous post on rebasing some Norman Milites I had a spare hour to rebase some more of my Norman infantry. These date from 25 years ago and were on some very old all over static grass bases, which whilst still OK looking were very old fashioned and dont match the rebased Milites. Falcon figures are no longer sold in the UK after the range was sold to an American company. I gather they are very hard to get hold of in the USA nowadays. Given how old they are and the painting style I used back them I am very pleased how they turned out. I removed all the old static grass and applied a quick armour wash over the chain mail and helmets to bring out the fine detail. Put on new magnetised MDF bases, completed with brown edgings, small rocks and various tufts.

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