Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Just booked my place for Roll Call. I just need to finalise my choice of army for the DBM competition. I have a choice of five possible one. I will decide a bit nearer the time and post the list here after the competition has finished along with the AAR.


  1. Army chosen and approved as legal. I get to have one practise game this Sunday before the competition. Unfortunately at this time we have an odd number of players for the Saturday which risks two players not getting a game on the Saturday and getting a BYE result instead.
    The armies chosen by the 11 entrants are as follows:
    Middle Assyrian 1/25
    Late Achaemenid Persian 2/7
    Syracusan 2/9
    Alexandrian Imperial 2/15
    Seleucid 2/19
    Pyrrhic 2/27
    Indo Greek 2/36 (this might be one of the easiest to guess the player)
    Marian Roman 2/49
    Early Imperial Roman - Claudius 2/56
    Khurasanian (Samanid) 3/43
    Timurid 4/75

    Amazingly only one army each from Books, 1, 3 and 4 and no Indian or Far Eastern elephant armies are in the choices.