Monday, 27 June 2016

Project Lead Mountain - 27th June 2016 Update

Project Lead Mountain Winding Down?

My original task back in 2012 was to try and clear out my unpainted 15mm ancients figures.

By much effort I have cleared all of my DBx Bk 1 figures, I only had a few for a DBA army which I sold to a clubmate.

My Bk 2 castings now consists of a Box File full of bits and pieces that are not really much use except as donor figures in case I need to either add to, repair or replace already existing elements plus a lot of LH F to morph my Armenians into Parthians one day.

Bk 3 is down to about 100 Kiteshields swordsmen that are surplus to my current needs plus a load of unpainted unarmoured archers which are staring at me waiting for me to paint them. I still have 90 painted elements of Irr Bw I/O to sell on Ebay so these are not a priority.

Bk 4 now consisted of lots of knights [50+] awaiting painting but I already have enough knights in my own collection plus just under 100 longbowmen that were purchased to create a Burgundian army but that got abandoned. Theres some oddments left over too. Lastly theres a lot of Swiss infantry to paint up to make my Swiss army a bit larger but I have put that on the back burner too. 

All this now leaves me with painting up oddments of Feudal figures to finish off some gaps and rebase lots of older figures to either match in to my newer figures of EBay.

So after I got back from the Challenge I sorted out 20 rather old Minifigs dismounted knights marketed as being for English Agincourt use. Well a bloke in a suit of armour looks much the same as another bloke in a suit of armour to me so after repairing some broken lances with metal spears I painted up the 20 castings into five elements of Reg Bs S dismounted knights. I also rebased another 78 castings into something more useful in my own collection, retouching the figures where necessary and allowing me to get some more spare elements ready for EBay with minimal effort.

I also just noticed that I have just had my 20,000th hit on my blog. 

Rather nice mix of Minifigs Dismounted Knights  


Mike Models Spears ready for EBay

Mixed makes Blades ready for EBay

Mixed makes Bd F currently spare

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Report Back From The Challenge - Or a Case of So Near Yet So Far

Four Very Enjoyable Games at the Challenge

As mentioned in the earlier blog for the last practice game before The Challenge my Later Hungarian army was organised as follows.
C1 – CinC 13 E/13 E/5 D [25% = 4 EE]
C2 – Sub 21 E/17 EE/6 D [25% = 4.5 EE]
C3 – Sub 21 E/17 EE/6 D [25% = 4.5 EE]
C4 – Sub [Szeklers] 7 E/ 7 EE/ 3 D [25% = 2 EE]
Total 62 E/54 EE/ 27 B

Game 1 - Gareth Evans – 01/25 Middle Assyrian 888 BC DBM [Terrapins]

This was a worrying army for me to face as going into game 1 I had no idea what Gareth had chosen in his list composition. The list allows you to take a large number of supported Bd F and also supported Ax O. Whilst the Bd F were not so much of a worry the potential of 22 Ax meant that there was no reasonable chance of my being able to hold onto any areas of RGo or DGo for very long.

Gareth’s army consisted of four commands organised as follows:
C1 – CinC 24 E/22 EE/7.5 D [25% = 5.5 E]
C2 – Sub 24 E/21.5 EE/7.5 D [25% = 5.5 E]
C3 – Sub 8 E/8 EE/3 D [25% = 2 EE]
C4 – Ally 15 E/13 EE/4.5 D [25% = 3.5 EE]
Total 87 E/64.5 EE/32.5 B

We rolled for posture my Aggression of Ag 2+1 v Gareth’s Ag 4 +5 meant a difference of 4 meaning Gareth was the invader and he attempted to roll for a Waterway, which he succeeded and placed it down his left side. I then decided to try and get some terrain to break up the table top and diced for two 1.5 FE of boggy RGo both of which fell on Gareth’s side of the table and denied me any useable terrain.

I had to assume that Gareth would try and sweep round my flanks so I tried to cover as much of the table as possible with my deployment whilst Gareth totally wrong footed me and placed his Baggage next to the WW with his smallest command and his other  three commands running from his central position out to his far right flank. It was then a case of damage limitation for me to try and survive long enough until time was called. I had deployed my Szeklers, CinC and the central infantry command mounted troops on my left flank which allowed me to at least attempt to concentrate some troops against his Reg Cv S chariots. I slowly retired and kept threatening his exposed flanks as I redeployed my CinC with his knights and archers to the left flank and redeployed my LH into positions that I hoped to allow me to pick off the odd element that became exposed. Despite my best efforts the Superior grading of his chariots meant time and time again he survived despite being on the receiving end of poor combat dice rolls as he kept pushing forward  I eventually lost my CinC’s command to casualties as my left wing became a confused mass of mounted troops each trying to outmanoeuvre each other.

When time was called the score was a 3 – 7 LOSS which when considering I had lost 14 elements compared to Gareth’s loss of 4 elements made the final BHGS score 11 – 21 made me feel that it could have been much worse. This left me in 8th place going into Round 2.

Pictures of my Game 1:

Pictures of other Round 1 games from the 15mm and 25mm tournaments.

Game 2 - John Vaughan – 03/28 Carolingian Frankish 800 AD DBMM [CC]

This was also a worrying army for me to face going into game 2 as I had had the chance to walk round and spy on the other armies during game 1 and realised that John had a large number of Reg Kn F and some Reg Cv O supports as well as 17 Warband of which four were Superior and deployed in the front rank to take advantage of the supporting rules for warband troop types.

John’s army consisted of four commands organised as follows:
C1 – CinC 22 E/20 EE/7 D [25% = 5 E]
C2 – Sub 22 E/19.5 EE/6.5 D [25% = 5.5 E]
C3 – Sub 1 E/1 EE/1 D [25% = 1 EE]
C4 – Ally 17 E/17 EE/6 D [25% = 4.5 EE]
Total 62 E/57.5 EE/29 B

We rolled for posture my Ag 2+5 v John’s Ag3+1 gave  a difference of 4 meaning John was the Defender. He elected to place three entirely wooded hills Wd+ H[S] = DGo which I assume was meant to try and break me up and allow him to concentrate his attack where desired. I then diced for and placed three 0.5 FE of Boggy RGo to prevent him placing any ambushes in them. John’s terrain placement was quite advantageous for me as it allowed me to anchor my commands on some solid terrain as I advanced.

I teased John that he was corner sitting which in reality he wasn’t, he had deployed to ensure his flanks were secure whilst he closed to the attack.His use of a single Reg Kn F general in its own command just to generate a spare Regular PIP dice roll was very gamy and he did apologise with a smile. I think this was a bad mistake and he would have been better served giving it three Kn F of its own and use it as a supporting Fire Brigade command or even as a disposable flank attacker.

I pushed forward my Szekler command to try and envelope his outside right flank which would become exposed as he advanced whilst I moved the CinC’s command into the gap and expanded out my central infantry command LH in its place. I threw in the Szekler’s to engage his now exposed right wing group of cavalry and knights and slowly started to chew holes in this line. Losing a couple of LH in the process but exposing his flanks. As this was going on I engaged his main line of knights with my CinC and supporting LH and started to take out his knights for minimal losses. Hi warband ally was closing towards my central infantry command so I deployed them forward to ensure they would take his attack in waves. My warwagon recoiled one column of warband as he closed meaning that I was in a position to overlap his attack in a couple of places. It was at this time I lost my Szekler LH general to a 6-1 dice roll and the Szeklers then broke making the score 6-4 to John. He then threw in his warbands to try and break my infantry command and break my army. The demoralised Szekler command caused him massive control issues as I used them to try and draw his now impetuous troops on his right flank all over the place. In the centre my CinC and supporting LH were beginning to chew up his Knights and he was only two elements away from losing his CinC’s command.

The warband hit my line, killed a single blade and supporting psiloi and either recoiled or stood in place across the rest of the three combats. This then allowed me to feed in another supporting Bd+ Ps on the Wb and quickly dispatched two Wb from this column. John then took out two Sp+Ps support in front of my subgeneral in his bound but lost another two Wb from close combat with my WWg which was being supported by a spare Kn S.

This was freed up because I had managed to break his CinC’s command now making the score 6-4 to me. In my following bound I threw in the infantry command Reg Kn O general and took out the last two Wb I needed to break the Wb command and along with it John’s entire army.

This made the final score as a 9 – 1 WIN. I had lost 13.5 elements which made the final BHGS score 29 – 3 and made up for the mornings defeat. I now had a total of 40 VP and this made me leap up to 3rd place going into Round 3.

Pictures of my Game 2:

Pictures of other Round 2 games from the 15mm and 25mm tournaments.

Game 3 - Kevin Everard – 02/07 Later Achaemenid Persian 331 BC DBMM [CC]

Having had a good chance to observe the other Round 2 games on Saturday after defeating John’s Carolingian’s I was horrified to read I had to face Kevin’s Persians. It had some 34 mounted elements with only 31 foot elements. Compared to my army which only had 22 mounted elements, most of which were LH I knew I was in for a spanking unless I adopted some unusual tactics.

Kevin’s army consisted of four commands organised as follows:
C1 – CinC 20 E/18.5 EE/6.5 D [25% = 5 E]
C2 – Sub 20 E/17 EE/6 D [25% = 4.5 E]
C3 – Sub 20 E/17.5 EE/6 D [25% = 4.5 EE]
C4 – Sub 5 E/1 EE/1 D [25% = 1 EE] [4 Expendable Scythed Chariots and a general]
Total 65 E/54 EE/27 B

We rolled for posture my Ag 2+2 v Kevin’s Ag1+4 gave  a difference of 4 meaning Kevin was the Invader. He waited to see what terrain I placed. Because of the vast numbers of cavalry he had I diced for and succeeded in placing a Waterway with a BUA in contact with it which I placed on my left flank. I also chose a 1.5 FE of Boggy RGo which unfortunately fell on Kevin’s side of the table touching the central sector table edge. Kevin then diced for and placed three 0.5 FE of Brushy RGo [Camel Friendly],. This was a ruse to try and make me think he had chosen some camel mounted troops in his army.

I placed my Bg inside the BUA and surrounded the BUA with the eight TF that can be used to defend the baggage making for a small redoubt for my Irr Bw I archers to defend. I chose to corner sit and defend in an arc between the WW and the area of RGo in the middle of my own base line. I put the mounted troops behind the infantry and decided to await developments.

Kevin deployed in the opposite corner from me and placed his Scythed Chariots opposite my central infantry command. I knew I had to act quickly created a small gap and fed out the Szeklers and most of the other LH to try and break up the chariots and threaten his mounted troops as they advanced towards my line. After much dancing I had lost a single LH and had destroyed a single LH and all four scythed chariots when time was called. I had succeeded in delaying the Persians and survived undamaged.

This made the final score 5 – 5 which equalled a BHGS score of 16 – 16. I now had a total of 56 VP and this put me back into 4th place going into the 4th and final round. I awaited the other results to be fed into the draw and had no expectation of gaining a top three place. 

Pictures of my Game 3:

Pictures of other Round 3 games from the 15mm and 25mm tournaments.

Game 4 - Edward Gilhead – 04/22 Serbian Empire 1341 AD DBM [Clapham]

Having seen Ed’s army in action on Saturday I know it was just a large number of Irr Kn S Nutjobs This game was going to be very violent and possibly quite short.

Ed’s army consisted of four commands organised as follows:
C1 – CinC 20 E/19 EE/6.5 D [25% = 5 E]
C2 – Sub 23 E/17.5 EE/6 D [25% = 4.5 E]
C3 – Sub 7 E/6.5 EE/2.5 D [25% = 2 EE]
C4 – Ally 15 E/15 EE/5 D [25% = 4 EE] [Bosnians]
Total 65 E/57.5 EE/29 B

We rolled for posture my Aggression of Ag 2+3 v Ed’s Ag 1+5 meant a difference of 1 making Ed the Invader. I then diced for some patched of RGo and Ed copied me which allowed him to anchor his right flank using the Bosnian Allies.

I placed my infantry left and centre with the Szeklers to my far right and the CinC in reserve.

Ed’s deployment threw me as he deployed his knights last in front of the rest of his army so it was clear he was prepared to go for it and trust to the “Dice Gods”.

On his right flank he heavily outnumbered my three LH F whilst I heavily outnumbered him on his left flank. I decided the best option was to stand and receive his charge and hope that my higher factors and mitigation made all the difference. In the mean time I used my LH on the right to try and take out his flanks as he closed. The knights crashed in and bounced except against a single blade where they pushed me back as I was double ranked. I luckily took down a pair of knights due to my spears overlapping his end element and causing that to die along with the knight behind it. On the left of the line I lost a pair of Sp+ Ps but managed to throw in a stray LH F into the gap which promptly took out the offending Kn S. I hard flanked the Kn S at the end of his line with some Sp and fed in a sacrificial Ps S Handgunner to delay one of his knights that had taken down my supported Bd’s. I knew this had no chance of surviving but it allowed me to move over the commands Kn O General to counter the now double overlapped Kn S. In my next bound I managed to take out the last two Kn S to break the Serbian CinC command. This now meant that I need to break another command to take down Ed’s army so I proceeded to use the LH to surround his exposed archers. For something like four bounds they refused to die despite being double overlapped and he annoyingly 6-1 the Szekler sub-general. I had not lost any elements from this command and since it was irregular I only needed to roll more than a 1 to survive and of course I rolled a 1 and it then broke. I was now desperate to try and break his last command having finally taken out a couple of archers using a warwagon. I threw in a single LH F against the now exposed open flank of a pair of Irr Bd and 6-1 them destroying them and breaking a second command and with it his army.

This made the final score as a 9 – 1 WIN and this equated to a BHGS score 29 – 3 and made up for the mornings draw. Had I not lost the Szekler command it would have been 10-0 or 30-2. I was now on a total of 85 VP. I didn’t realise how unfortunate this was to be until I saw the final score sheet.

Pictures of my Game 4:

Pictures of other Round 4 games from the 15mm and 25mm tournaments.

Final Roundup.

I was on equal first place with 85 VP tied with Kevin Everard. Tim did the tie break calculation which confirmed that the count back scored meant I was bumped down to second place so that single dice roll of a 1 cost me my first ever championship 1st place.

So near yet so far!