Thursday, 16 June 2016

Project Lead Mountain - 16th June 2016

Today's Installment from Project Lead Mountain

I am still working through Project Lead MOuntain and have been listing Grabbags of unpainted figures on EBay to help clear out some space. My EBay ID is DYSON690 These are mostly leftovers from other projects that are no longer useful for me but might be of use for someone else trying to complete a painting project.

I have also been painting up more metal to clear out stuff to sell or add to my own collection.

Below are pictures of the latest painting tasks, some will be on EBay shortly.

Two Elements of Stampeding Cattle Irr Exp O 

Museum Miniatures MD52 & MD53 Handgunners Reg Ps S

Unknown Castings painted up as Crusader Maronite Archers Irr Bw O

Four Element Sized Baggage Piece 

Dark Age Feudal Baggage Elements

Essex Miniatures RXE29 Generic Warwagons with Handpainted Pavises & Scratchbuilt Horse Armour

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