Friday, 31 October 2014

Cheap DBM Terrain

Terrain Made for Easy Transportation

Having played DBM for many years I got fed up using tragic looking pieces of cloth for terrain representation. I purchased some sheets of artists Surfaced Art Board on line and started designing terrain pieces that looked more realistic and crucially were very light to carry and move around.

I was quite pleased with the end results and here are a few pictures of what can be achieved with some Vallejo Sandy Past, various acrylic paints and some patience. Some pieces have been discarded and cut down as being declared as too gamey or illegal, but since it was an experiment to see what could be done I wasn't too concerned about that as it just allowed me to make more smaller pieces.

If you are a gamer with limited time or skills and fancy a special terrain pieces made to order send me a message and we can discuss things. I am in London UK and sell on EBay too.

Did a wrong link to this earlier too!



Thursday, 30 October 2014

Hordes in 15mm For My Arabs and Indians

A Horde of Hordes

I realised I needed to do some Horde elements to complete the options for my 15mm Arab collection. The largest amount being 20 Hd [O] for the Syrians, the Fatimid's can have up to 3 Hd [S] so I needed a total of 23 horde elements to cover all the Arab options. I then looked at the Indian lists to see how many they could have which turned out to be something like 16 elements. So casting around for suitable figures to use I settled on Museum Miniature Arab/Indian Hordes and ordered sufficient figures to make up at least 40 elements. I then went through the spares box and took out all the left over figures I could use to bulk out the troops. In the end I had enough to make up 47 Hd elements each of five figures to a base. I have finished painting them, plus some spare bowmen and psiloi. Once they are all based and varnished I will post some pictures of the completed elements. The problem is I like a lot of the figure combinations and have currently decided to keep 27 elements for the Syrians/Indians leaving me 20 elements to sell on EBay. Heres a couple of quick snaps of some of the painted but not based figures. The proper pictures will follow once they are all finished.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A Special Six Element Egyptian Baggage Piece

Like many gamers I like to make a good impression!

I had some black resin castings from one of those rubbish part works that seem to be launched every January. To be honest I only bought them because they were on special offer for the first three weeks and wondered if they could be used to make up something impressive for my Fatimid Egyptian baggage elements. I also have a Bast but this didn't seem to work as well.

So I ended up putting this together. It will also double up for any game involving Egypt. Though since making it I have yet to actually use it in anger.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Age of Eagles Mega Game Weekend

1806 game using Age of Eagles

Essex Warriors finally got around to putting on a special wargames weekend on 4th/5th October 2014 to celebrate the life of a former member who left the club a bequest in his will.

I took advantage of this to put on a long planned 1806 megagame.

I invited someone off the Age of Eagles Yahoo Group and we set up the game Sat morning and played it out.

Here are some pictures of the weekends game. I forgot to bring all of the terrain on the Saturday which annoyed me but we managed to sort it out Sunday morning so the game at least looked the part.

The players inexperience took up a lot of time and their deliberate style of play mean we didnt cover as many turns as I expected. Unfortunately some people are incapable of taking speedy command decisions in a time limited environment.