Thursday, 30 October 2014

Hordes in 15mm For My Arabs and Indians

A Horde of Hordes

I realised I needed to do some Horde elements to complete the options for my 15mm Arab collection. The largest amount being 20 Hd [O] for the Syrians, the Fatimid's can have up to 3 Hd [S] so I needed a total of 23 horde elements to cover all the Arab options. I then looked at the Indian lists to see how many they could have which turned out to be something like 16 elements. So casting around for suitable figures to use I settled on Museum Miniature Arab/Indian Hordes and ordered sufficient figures to make up at least 40 elements. I then went through the spares box and took out all the left over figures I could use to bulk out the troops. In the end I had enough to make up 47 Hd elements each of five figures to a base. I have finished painting them, plus some spare bowmen and psiloi. Once they are all based and varnished I will post some pictures of the completed elements. The problem is I like a lot of the figure combinations and have currently decided to keep 27 elements for the Syrians/Indians leaving me 20 elements to sell on EBay. Heres a couple of quick snaps of some of the painted but not based figures. The proper pictures will follow once they are all finished.

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  1. Very nice! I am in the process of painting up 12 bases of Indian Followers for Warrior (sort of like 6Hde double based) and was looking for some cheap figures. These will do nicely!