Friday, 31 October 2014

Cheap DBM Terrain

Terrain Made for Easy Transportation

Having played DBM for many years I got fed up using tragic looking pieces of cloth for terrain representation. I purchased some sheets of artists Surfaced Art Board on line and started designing terrain pieces that looked more realistic and crucially were very light to carry and move around.

I was quite pleased with the end results and here are a few pictures of what can be achieved with some Vallejo Sandy Past, various acrylic paints and some patience. Some pieces have been discarded and cut down as being declared as too gamey or illegal, but since it was an experiment to see what could be done I wasn't too concerned about that as it just allowed me to make more smaller pieces.

If you are a gamer with limited time or skills and fancy a special terrain pieces made to order send me a message and we can discuss things. I am in London UK and sell on EBay too.

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