Thursday, 26 December 2019

The Uncharted Seas - Iron Dwarves

First Foray Into Fantasy Gaming

As part of Project Lead Mountain I am trying to clear out lots of unused unpainted things. One of my more left field purchases was a load of Uncharted Seas ships. The original company Spartan Games went bust and they were sold off to the highest bidders upon liquidation. Wayland Games purchased The Uncharted Seas rights, but have at the time of writing, nothing with the rules for over two years.
Since I had a large collection of their ships I decided it was time to get some of them painted, ready to either play or sell on. The main faction I have are Iron Dwarves, Dragon Lords, Ralgard and Shroud Mages, though the last faction are missing lots of options. I also ended up with other starter fleets for the Humans and Orc Raiders plus a few additional pieces.

Chainmail Class Flagship

Guardian Class Floating Citadel

Most of the fleet laid out

Piston Class Cruisers

Belcher & Kraken Class Submarines

Armoury Class Troop Carrier
I am missing the Bellows Class Airships but hopefully will eventually sources some in due course.

Saturday, 7 December 2019

Another D&D Commission - Part 3

Part 3 Of The D&D Commission

This figure is a 28mm whitemetal Triton Druid, the make is unknown so if you know who made it let me know. Its way out of my painting experience so I have been experimenting as I go along.

As a late addition to this post I have finally completed the Genasi Femail Wizard, the model is actually from Wizkids and is listed as a but I was asked to paint it as a Water Wizard. I was creative in how I painted it so its a bit of a Heinz style wise. [31/12/19]

Friday, 6 December 2019

15 mm Swiss Army Finally Completed after 25 Years

Last Part of my 15 mm Swiss Army Completed

Way back in 1994 when DBM v1.3 was still in use I decided that I might like to build a Later Swiss Army. Because Navwar was local to me and the figures relatively cheap I decided to use their Naismith/Roundway figure range to build it. As other plans changed including real life events causing problems they project languished in a draw for years and years.

The Swiss Confederation army of this era consisted of troops drawn from 14 Cantons which meant that I had some guidance on the Cantonal Flags and used these as inspiration for various uniforms of each contingent. As I built the army over the last four years I restarted with contingents 9 and 10 back in 2016. Fast forward to 2019 and now Cantons 13 & 14 are finally done along with the last element to complete the Early Swiss Army which came about due to my ending up with a bag of very cheap Minifigs 13th C Halberdiers which I had painted earlier.

So that's two armies finally completed from Project Lead Mountain which I started back in 2012.

First up is the Early Swiss CinC Reg Bd [X] which includes a converted pike general who is now holding a halberd. The cantonal inspiration is Schwyz, one of the founding cantons.

The list requires two optional Psiloi generals elements so I used Basel for the inspiration for this element. Whilst not a canton until quite late they still provided troops to the confederation before they formally joined. Again I took a pike general and modified the casting to carry a much more handy spear for use in rough going terrain.

Next up is the Basel Cantonal Contingent made up of eight elements in all, four x Reg Pk [S], 2 x Reg Bd [X], 1 x Reg Ps [S] Handgunner and 1 x Reg Ps [O] Crossbowmen.

Last up is the final cantonal contingent drawn from Schaffhausen organised exactly the same as the Basel contingent.

Of course posting about a completed army would not do unless I posted a picture of all the troops together. All in all it made for a colourful army painting project and I am very pleased with how it turned out.


Monday, 25 November 2019

15 mm Early Swiss Enfant Perdus

Early Swiss Enfant Perdus

The DBM/DBMM Early Swiss had eight Reg Ps I Enfant Perdus in the list. They are rock throwing children and I thought no one made them until I was directed to the Minifigs website under their Two Dragons range of Dark Age Peasants.

The figures are quite well sculpted and are ideal for these particular Swiss elements.

I only have one more Reg Bd X CinC element to paint to field the Early Swiss army which grew out of my Later Swiss and other suitable three to a base Halberdier elements in other armies.

They are finished off with my usual basing of magnetised MDF covered with Vallejo Earth Brown paste, gravel, tufts with the bases edged in Raw Umber.

This means that now I only have two more Canton Contingents to complete the Later Swiss army.

Thursday, 21 November 2019

15 mm Anyscale Resin Tents - Part 2

More Baggage Elements From PLM For Sale

Back in August 2018 I blogged about some Anyscale Resin Tents I purchased and created two batches of eight elements that I intended to sell. 

I have twenty more tents left in Project Lead Mountain and I finally got around to creating up another eight elements for sale. They will end up on EBay in due course.