Thursday, 20 February 2020

Later Polish 15mm Generals Commission

15th C Later Polish Generals Painting Commission

Following on from Bob's commission to paint some Polish Cavalry he gave me a packet of four Essex knights consisting of 2 x XMED11 and 2 x XMED11a unfortunately this meant that he could not make up a single command group without duplicating one of the figures. I assume this was a special order as they were all on barded horses. Luckily I have some left over later 15th C knights in Project Lead Mountain. So after cutting off their lances and drilling out their hands I replaced the lances with long steel spears to create standard bearers to make up two command groups. I will give Bob the option of taking both groups when I next see him. Failing that I will have a nice command element to add to my own collection or sell on. I still have twelve more Polish knights to complete for his commission but I prefer to work in discrete batches to ensure I manage to get them done.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Heroics & Ros MD57 Snekke

Heroics & Ros Longships

Tucked away within their Dark Ages ranges
are a few ship models which apparently were originally produced by Kremlin Models back in the day.
The website didn't have any pictures but I managed to get them to send me some pictures along with the model sizes.

There are 4 models and they are as follows.
MD55 Drakkar 120mm below
MD56 Skeid 90mm below

MD57 Snekke 60mm [left] and MD58 Karfi 70mm [right] below

I game in 15mm so the base size I use is 80mm x 40mm which limited my choice to MD57 and MD58. Since I am using them for my Norman fleet I went with the MD57 model.

I discarded the roundshield castings that would otherwise be glued alongside the hull. They also come with optional furled sails.

I made them quite generic so I could use them with other lists as and when.

Friday, 31 January 2020

Later Polish 15mm Cavalry Commission

15th C Later Polish Cavalry Painting Commission

Bob at the club has entered the Essex Warriors 2020 DBM Tournament and decided he is using Later Polish. Unfortunately he doesn't have all the correct figures in his collection and he asked me to paint up some Essex Miniatures to complete his army. Whilst I don't mind the commission he will have to wait for all 27 of the mounted figures to be done as I have not been well for the last two weeks since he gave me the figures and its only been this week that I managed to feel well enough to paint. I had the worst earache and infection I have ever had in my outer right ear. On a scale of 1 to 10 the pain was a high 8 at some stages and it wasn't very pleasant.

He gave me three batches of figures, 3 for a generals element, 12 for some knights and another 12 for some cavalry. Since the cavalry were the easiest to paint I worked on those this week and have just completed them ready to deliver to Bob on Sunday. Technically in this time frame the cavalry are termed Czeladz and should be armed with a lance and crossbow after 1400 AD. 

The castings provided were from Essex Miniatures EMED range codes 14, 15 & 16.
As with most Essex castings they were fairly clean and required very little flash and casting flow tags removal. Bob will base them himself so I just ensured that the horses bases were painted green to hide any bare metal after they are based up. I liked painting these castings as they were new to me having never purchased any before for use in my own collection. I can see plenty of potential uses for some of these castings within lots of other armies of this time frame.

All 12 cavalry together on their painting sticks.




Tuesday, 7 January 2020

15mm "CHINESE" Ancient Army Off Ebay

Impulse Purchase Off EBay

I saw a Chinese Army on Ebay, the listing was for 329 figures and I put in a bid, that was out bid so 30 seconds before it ended I sniped it for £175 and won.

Here is the main picture from the EBay listing. I asked which Chinese army it modelled to be told Yuan and Ming, I was told by a gamer in Hong Kong that it's more Sung looking but will be fine for the other two armies.

I received it today and after unpacking and tidying it up I took a series of pictures  to better show how it looked before I started on my rebasing etc. So in no particular order are the troops. I need to add things to it to enable me to field the three armies and may well be raiding my left over Tang figures to help out.

Once it's sorted out properly I shall post an update, but I have started rebasing bits already.