Saturday, 9 July 2022

Covid-19 AGAIN

 So Covid Strikes Again

I was doing so well 108 days after my 4th [Spring Booster] Dose

Sunday, 12 June 2022

Venta Icenorum 2022

Venta Icenorum 2022

This Picture has nothing to do with my army selection

25/26 June 2022 400 AP 15mm DBM singles. Rules: DBM 3.4

Armies: Any army from Books 1-4, DBM 2nd edition or DBMM revised lists, up to 1515 AD

Tournament entered & list checked OK. Just waiting on the R&R to be announced along with the 1st Round draw. I have not been gaming much since Covid-19 destroyed most of my social activities & the subsequent fall out resulting from that of course.

Here are the Runners & Riders & 1st Round draw.

Venta Icenorum 2022 Runners & Riders (C = Cowards club)


1. Paul Holmes (C)            01/23 Vedic Indian, 1500 BC DBM

2. Andy Brooker (C)          01/22 New Kingdom Egyptian, 1195 BC DBM

3. Chris Smith                    02/22 Later Aramaean, 749 BC DBM

4. John Brooker (C)           02/32 Later Carthaginian, 236 BC DBM

5. Ken Warren (C)             02/32 Later Carthaginian, 215 BC DBMM

6. John Vaughan (C)          02/36 Graeco-Indian, 130 BC DBM

7. Dave Madigan               02/28 Early Armenian, 245 AD DBM

8. Andy Leeser                  02/46 Kushan, 380 AD DBM

9. Jer Morgan                    02/69 Sassanid Persian, 591 AD DBMM

10. Dean Astillberry (C)    04/58 Medieval Irish, 1300 AD DBM

11. Drew Jarman               04/22 Serbian Empire, 1389 AD DBMM

12. Richard Gill                04/62 100 Years War English, 1441 AD DBM


List Breakdown: 9 DBM, 3 DBMM, Book 1 – 2, Book 2 – 7, Book 3 – 0, Book 4 - 3

Round 1


1. Paul Holmes (C)                   01/23 Vedic Indian, 1500 BC                           DBM


3. Chris Smith                           02/22 Later Aramaean, 749 BC                        DBM


2. Andy Brooker (C)                01/22 New Kingdom Egyptian, 1195 BC          DBM


7. Dave Madigan                      02/28 Early Armenian, 245 AD             DBM


4. John Brooker (C)                 02/32 Later Carthaginian, 236 BC                    DBM


8. Andy Leeser             02/46 Kushan, 380 AD                                    DBM


5. Ken Warren (C)                   02/32 Later Carthaginian, 215 BC                    DBMM


9. Jer Morgan                           02/69 Sassanid Persian, 591 AD                       DBMM


6. John Vaughan (C)                 02/36 Graeco-Indian, 130 BC              DBM


11. Drew Jarman                      04/22 Serbian Empire, 1389 AD                       DBMM


10. Dean Astillberry (C)            04/58 Medieval Irish, 1300 AD                        DBM


12. Richard Gill                        04/62 100 Years War English, 1441 AD            DBM


Tuesday, 31 May 2022

Britcon 2022

Britcon 2022 - Nottingham

Britcon returns on 13th-14th August at Nottngham Trent University. They are putting on DBM 15mm 400 AP Singles with the theme being you cannot use an army that you have taken to any tournament in the last five years. This means the 2017 Gaming Year up until the time of the tournament.

This means that I cannot use the following armies
2017 - Khurosanians, Wallachians, Later Muslim Indians, Welsh
2018 - Abbasids, Scythians
2019 - Scythians, War of the Roses, Sargonid
2020 - The Mighty Covid-19 Alliance
2021 - Yuan

Between now and Britcon there are a few more tournaments being held
25th-26th June Venta Icenorum 400 AP Singles OPEN Theme
16th-17th July Attack 500 AP Doubles Open Theme
17th-18th September Iceni 500 AP Doubles Open Theme
22nd-23rd October Vexillium 500 AP Doubles Themed any army between 477 AD & 1071 AD
It was confirmed that any army Brom Book 1,2 & 4 are allowed as long as they are chosen from the date range specified.

Book 1 - Early Vietnamese
Book 2 - Classical Indian, LPIA, Early Armenians, Tamil Indian, Kushan, Scots-Irish, Nobades Blemye & Beja, Later Moorish, Alan, Hsien Pi etc, Abyssinian, Early Visigoth, Early Ostrogoths, Pictish, Sassanids, Burgundi, Gepid, Early Franks, Old Saxons, Packche Korean, Koguryo Korean, Silla Korean, N&S Dynasties, Hunnic, Sub-Roman British, Visigoth, Patricians, African Vandals
Book 4 - Komenan Byzantine, Cilician Armenian

I can possibly field 6 from this list plus 37 from book 3?

Will make the tournament quite interesting especially if Patricians become the default safe option or elephants turn out to worry the knights in the time span.

Additionally there is a DBM Tournament just outside Paris in Aulney Sous Bois
5th-6th November 400 AP Singles Any Army up to 666 AD

Wednesday, 25 May 2022

15mm Anyscale Resin Tents - Part 3

15mm Anyscale Resin Tents For Sale

Back in November 2019 I blogged about painting up Anyscale Resin Tents to sell. I have finally painted up the last 12 tents I have for sale.

They are simple enough to be totally generic for use with almost any army and period,

1st  Batch of 6 tents

2nd Batch of six tents

Last up are some LaserCraftArt animal pens which I have had waiting to be completed for a few years! They are simple MDF baggage type elements idea to use to indicate where livestock might be contained within an army encampment 

1st Batch of Animal Pens

2nd Batch of Animal Pens

Thats all to blog for now 

This brings the painting tally so far for 2022 to
240 foot [72 elements]
9 Feature Pieces [9 elements]
20 Baggage Elements
24 rebased Infantry elements

15mm Chinese - Update

Rebased T'ang Chinese Militia

Having completed my T'ang Chinese back in June 2019 I thought that I had nothing more to do with the army. Upon reflection I decided that I didn't like the uniformed look that the Chinese Militia blocks had.
see blog entries
for the original units. I decided that I will rebase them and took half of the completed elements to mix up the colours to give them that irregular peasant look. I still have another 24 bases to mix up but for now they can wait.

Thats all to blog for now 

This brings the painting tally so far for 2022 to
240 foot [72 elements]
9 Feature Pieces [9 elements]
24 Rebased elements

Monday, 16 May 2022

Bronze Age Warriors - Minoan Part 4

Minoans Part 4

Having got fed up painting Minoan Infantry I decided to paint up the few missing items that really make for a good looking army. I got a friend to 3D print the specific items as I cannot justify purchasing a 3D printer.

Knossos was the capital city of Minoan Crete. The city pre-dates the Minoans by quite a long time frame. Its been the subject of multiple excavations over the last 150 years. 

I wanted a Built Up Area to act as a feature piece if I ended up defending Minoa. I had considered scratch building a feature but struck it lucky when I found exactly the item I wanted on this 3D printed Items site.

The item is inspired by this structure in Crete.

My friend Dave found the 3D models and he kindly gave me the four missing Triakonters I needed to complete the Minoans. The ships come on their own bases so I had to put them on larger bases and build up the surface so the galleys blend into the sea. The are available to download from here.

They painted up really well and using Vallejo Sandy Paste for the sea was just rough enough to be painted etc to look like it was sea.

No Minoan Army would be complete without a Minotaur. I decided to make mine a huge bronze statue. I got it from Thingiverse

I asked for two 3D prints because I might end up selling one on. They are on standard 40mm x 40mm bases so can be used as baggage elements

Over Xmas 2021 Dave at Museum Miniatures announced that he was providing a free STL file of a Trojan Horse. He had no plans to sell it as the model is far too large but is perfect for 3D printing.

Here is his publicity shot from the company Facebook page.

Museum Miniature Model 3D STL file

I got two printed out by my mate Dave and have tried two different colour schemes.

Thats all to blog for now 

This brings the painting tally so far for 2022 to
240 foot [72 elements]
9 Feature Pieces [9 elements]

Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Bronze Age Warriors - Minoan Part 3

Minoans Part 3

Having had a bit of a busy time I have finally completed another batch of 12 Reg Pk X Minoan Pikemen. This project seems to be taking much longer than I anticipated & I am only 25% through the Reg Pk X required to complete this army. The Museum Miniature MY11 Kilted Pikemen with figure 8 shield are now discontinued.

Museum MY11 Kilted Pikemen Figure 8 Shield

Last week I impulse bought a large batch of Myceneans off EBay I paid £80 for 16 Chariots & 178 infantry so was about half price. The plan is to paint them & resell them to subsidise the original outlay of my Museum Miniature purchase. The Chariot Miniatures came with separate shields, both Tower & 8 shield. They are marketed as Mycenean so will be suitable for Minoans & Trojans.

I completed the first batch of 48 figures today & I am quite pleased how they turned out. I used MYG5 with Tower Shields for the Reg Pk X front rank & MYG21 without shields for the Reg Pk I rear ranks

Chariot Miniatures MYG5 & MYG21

This brings the painting tally so far for 2022 to
240 foot [72 elements]

Onwards & Upwards as they say!