Saturday, 17 October 2020

Playing Around With Bits For The Far East.

15mm Misc Bits For Use With Chinese Armies

I had some left over bits from my Paddy Fields blog back in August 2019.
I finally decided that I could make something out of them. So I made nine Temporary Fortifications on 40mm x 20mm bases. I might sell them or keep them no idea just yet. I used some of the liquid water effect in the ditch in front of the palisade but it didnt really show that well.

Finally I got some Fish Pond decorations in resin. They were not that nice out of the packet but after a quick Dark Brown Wash and basing up they have turned out nicely to use as bridges when roads cross a river on the table top. I have another six to do in due course but again it really depends in I think its worth the effort. I can always sell them on of course. 


Thursday, 15 October 2020

Caesaromagus 2019 Pictures

 Just found the missing Caesaromagus 2019 Pictures

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

15mm "Chinese" off EBay Part 8 - Artillery

 Here comes the Chinese Artillery

After deciding that I am modelling Three Kingdoms, Northern & Southern Dynasties, Sung, Sui, T'ang and Yuan I needed to ensure I have sufficient artillery pieces to cover all the bases. I also ended up buying far too many artillery pieces as a result of wanting some variety.

I used mostly Essex artillery crew with the models.

Some of these are surplus to requirements and will be sold off in due course and you will notice I decided to ensure they were all compatible with the artillery I painted earlier for my T'ang Chinese.

3D printed Giant Bolt Shooter from Thingiverse with Khurosan Artillery Crew

The Khurasan crew were totally incompatible with the size of the bolts on their artillery model so I swopped them around to use with the 3D printed Bolt Shooters. 

Khurosan Boltshooters with Essex Crew

Each artillery model came in nine parts and was quite fiddly to assemble.

Essex XEQ12 30 Mini bolt or stone thrower & crew

Museum MA46 Perrier with Essex Crew

Fiddly to assemble and didnt really fit that well together

Essex XEQ19 Korean / Chinese Rocket Launcher & Crew

There were very fiddly to assemble too though worth the effort

Kallistra 10mm HA06 Trebuchet with 15mm Essex Crew

Beautiful 10mm scale models & ideal to use in 15mm because they actually fit on the required base size

Unknown make of artillery & Essex Crew

Unknown Rocket Launchers


Chariot HDC13

Unknown Any Ideas?

Unknown Any Ideas?