Friday, 15 February 2019

Update On Recent Hungarian Purchase

Repurposing Hungarian Spearmen Into Bw X/O

For those who follow my blog they would have seen that I purchased another Hungarian army. Included in it were eight elements of very nice spearmen but I didn't have any need for more spearmen. They are clearly Essex Miniatures but I cannot find out which figure code but they look similar to their EMED41 code. So after some thought I took them off their bases with the plan to turn them into the front rank figures of Regular Bow X/O Crossbowmen.

Spearmen as purchased

I have recently purchased a batch of QRF castings MIT04 Italian Mercenary Crossbowmen and MIT03 Italian Pavisiers/Spearmen. Since I had not finalised what to do with them and the Hungarians were already painted but spare I decided that I would use some of the QRF Crossbowmen for the rear rank. The figures are a good match size wise and I managed pretty much to duplicate the painting style and colours used on the spearmen on the crossbowmen. I am very pleased with how they have turned out. The bases were finished with Vallejo Earth Brown Sandy Paste, dry brushed with static grass, gravel and a few tufts. As is usual my figure bases are completed with magnetic sheeting and the edges painted a dark brown colour for contrast. I am not sure if I will keep them or sell them just yet but they are certainly of use in lots of Central and Eastern European armies during the 14th and 15th C. UPDATE: Sold them to someone at my club today [17/02/19] he was happy and so am I!

More Elephants - Can you have too many elephants?

Elephants Off EBay

I really need to stop buying things but these looked too nice to pass by. The seller is a name known to use on the UK gaming circuit so I knew he wasn't going to sell rubbish. What surprised me was that the items I received were better than his pictures showed on EBay. I now have 30 mixed elephants which is enough for all my needs. I may start to sell on a few that are surplus to my requirements? They were sold as being Legio Heroica but having checked their website only to find the only elephant they sell is in their Sassanids range and completely different I realised that they were Donningtons TIMEL01 & TIMEL02 from their range. They are well made and fit into my collection perfectly so I am not unhappy.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Painting Commission for Later Hoplite Greeks

Athenian Horse Archers 15mm Commission

I was asked if I had any suggestions on what to use for Athenian Horse Archers in the Later Hoplite Greek list by someone at my wargames club. I must confess I didn't have a clue so Googled them and found a discussion paper which confirmed that they were hired in mercenaries and one of the options were the Getic tribes.  I vaguely recalled that Essex Miniatures made a Getic Horse Archer in their Macedonian and Punic Wars Range - Code MPA33 Later Hoplite Greek: Getic Horse Archer.

As strange as this may sound as part of a purchase of unpainted metal some years ago I had four of these castings in Project Lead Mountain and since I had no use for them they had remained in a bag waiting for disposal in due course. So after pointing out the the reference and that it could have been Getic, Scythians or Thracians I was asked to paint up my four castings in a suitable Athenian garb for him.

Being Essex Miniatures they were in their usual house style and came with a single pose. There were fairly cleanly cast with minimal flash except between the hind legs.

Being a small commission I started them yesterday evening and finished them earlier today. I am glad I have got rid of another small bag of otherwise useless castings from PLM and it has solved a problem for my friend too. They are painted in a similar style with minor trim differences to match in with his existing collection. As is normal they are not based so he can base them himself to match his collection. Now I need to think about what's next in the queue of things to paint or base as part of Project Lead Mountain.

Friday, 1 February 2019

When EBay Strikes - Hide Your Credit Card [Later Hungarians] - AGAIN

Another Unplanned Purchase Off Ebay - Again

As part of my project to complete my Serbians, Lithuanians and Poles I saw this listing on EBay for more 15mm scale Later Hungarians. They were very well painted so I put in a bid and waited to see what happened. Much to my surprise I won and paid less than I thought I would. The figures were all based on MDF but none of them were magnetised. I have now done the magnet basing and repainted the edges of the elements and they are in my collection. I have not done the spearmen and handgunners yet because I am considering other options with them including making them into the the front rank of double based bowmen with newly painted crossbowmen and since I have too many handgunners I may sell on the surplus handgunner off or even rebase them into Shot elements for use with DBR, FoG R etc and sell them. UPDATE I have decided to keep the Handgunners and will sell on my other handgunners instead.

All the figures are Essex Miniatures and consisted of 33 mounted and 88 foot figures.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

15mm British Napoleonics - Part 1

Finally Kick Started My British Napoleonics

After a long hiatus I have finally returned to my 15mm Napoleonics. I collected the British by accident. I never really wanted to build a British Army because everyone seems to have one and I preferred less popular armies. The thing that pushed me into restarting them was my getting a bit bored of painting ancients for the last 7 years and that I picked up over 100 painted British infantry at the wargames club for £30. They were on terribly tired bases but were painted nicely.

I have just spend the last five days basing up 500 figures including far too many Highlanders and Riflemen so expect to see these offered for sale in due course. I am short of command stands to complete the infantry for 1815 and of course none of the cavalry, artillery or the infantry for 1800-1812 is based up.

Addendum: 03/02/19
Since I didnt get a game this weekend I spent the time productively. I found a bag of 15mm scale Fantassin, Warmodelling, Battlemodels [take your pick] British 1812 Command figures. Since I am still desperately short of command stands for my army I decided to have a go painting them since I have not painted any Napoleonics since at least 2012 and British Napoleonics for longer than this. I am very pleased with how they turned out. I had three odd painted soldiers that needed one more figure to complete the stand so ended up painting 13 figures in all. The Officer figure is in slightly brighter scarlet as was traditional in this era because they paid for their own uniforms and got much higher quality uniform cloth as a result.

Friday, 18 January 2019

Late T'ang Chinese - Part 8

Late T'ang Chinese - Part 8 The Fleet

As part of my building project I needed to source suitable models for the T'ang Fleet. There's a few makers out there who produce Junks including, Navwar, Langtons, Museum etc. The Tank fleet consists of four different types of vessels, 5 x War Junks, 1 x Horse Transports, 2 x Tower Ships and 1 x River Paddle-wheeler.

The war junks were the easiest to source as I used Grumpy's models as I already had a large bag of them in Project Lead Mountain. They are sold in the UK by East Riding Miniatures to special order as they are deleted from their current catalogue due to the Grumpy's moulds being at the end of their life and not everything is castable.
They are also available from Eureka in Australia casting code GRU-SHIP05

I decided that the fleet would be painted a uniform colour scheme based on traditional Chinese colours of Red and Yellow. 

Grumpy's Junk

Next up are the two horse transports. For these I purchased two large junks from EBay for next to nothing. They turned out to be Museum Miniatures casting code BO08.

Museum Miniatures Junk

The tower ships were problematic as no one makes anything suitable from historic ranges but I came across the now discontinued Spartan Games Ralgard starter fleet. 

Whilst these are designed for fantasy naval games they style is perfect for use as Chinese type ships. They are cannon armed but I can say that these represent the Greekfire weapons of the time instead. The model is right out of the box.

Ralgard Cruiser
The Chinese of this era used man-powered river paddlewheel galley type ships. Theres nothing at all like them available and I only had this line drawing to guide me. 

Since I had used two of the Ralgard cruisers I looked at the frigate models in the box and decided that I would convert one of them. The models sail was far too large so I took a pair of Grumpy's masts and sails to use on the hull. The stern rudder had to be removed so I could model a stern wheel and the model needed sponsons to house the paddlewheels that ran along the hull sides.

Converted Ralgard Frigate