Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Late T'ang Chinese Finally Started - Part 1

Late T'ang Chinese - Part 1

Following on from my blog back in May 2018 I have finally managed to get to grips with the Late T'ang Chinese army. The entire army had to be rebased because whilst it was OK if I added to it nothing would have matched the old basing style.

Heres the link to the army as it came out of the box.

I have decided that my version of the army would be modelled on the DBMM Revised army list Late T'ang and Five Dynasties Chinese 755 AD to 906 AD but specifically using the option to take Regular Infantry rather than Irregular infantry.

Baueda 15CHI Tent

The Baueda tents are as always cleanly cast in resin and quite easy to paint. I need to add some Chinese buildings to the army as well as some specialise terrain accessories.

Essex Miniatures TA10A Two Handed Swordsmen painted up as Guardsmen Reg Bd O

Outpost STC1 Light Cavalry Reg LH F

Outpost STC10 Heavy Cavalry Reg Cv O

Mixed makes Specialist to Encourage the Troops Outpost & Mikes Models Irr WWg I

Outpost STC6 Armoured Archer Reg Bw I

Outpost STC7 Unarmoured Archer Reg Ps O

Outpost Militia STC6 & STC18 Unarmoured Swordsmen Irr Bw I, Irr Bd I, Irr Ps O & Irr WWg I behind

Outpost STC15 Peasant/Horde Militia Urr Bd O + Irr WWg I behind

Outpost STC13 Foot Command Reg Bd F

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Outpost STC5 Unarmoured Spearmen painted as Reg Ax X

Outpost STC5 Unarmoured Spearmen painted as Reg Ax X

Friday, 5 October 2018

Bohemian Crossbowmen with Pavisiers in 15mm Scale

Surplus Figures Repurposed into Something Useful

Having recently purchased a Later Hungarian Army that came with six elements of very nicely painted Spearmen that were surplus to my requirements I had considered just putting them back onto EBay to offset the original purchase cost. I was then asked by someone at the wargames club if I had any suitable figures surplus in my Lead Mountain that would be useful to use as the mysteriously illegal Reg Bw X/I Bohemian Mercenary Crossbowmen that suddenly appeared unannounced in the Revised Edition DBMM Book 4 Army lists for the Medieval Germans and Hussites. I instantly thought of the spare spearmen because they are actually Essex Miniatures Code EMED6 Hussite, German or Bohemian Spearmen so were ideal for this.

I also had left over 24 unpainted Minifigs 967X Crossbowmen which used to be their old code 67X which I persuaded Dave at Minifigs to reintroduce into the range after it was replaced with a casting with a pavise on his back some years ago. The figure paints up really nicely and I am surprised the previous owners of Minifigs deleted it from the range in the first place. Put onto 40mm x 40mm magnetised MDF bases decorated with tufts and spray varnish sealed the two castings compliment each other quite nicely.

I have not had it confirmed if he is going to buy them just yet but if not I might keep them myself or EBay them I have not decided. This is the second lot of Bohemians I have created https://drewjarman.blogspot.com/2017/01/bohemian-mercenary-foot-crossbowmen-reg.html

ADLG 15mm Commission - Part 2

Another Commission From Australia

After sending off my previous commission to the guy in Australia. He tells me hes really pleased with the order and wants something else. Its yet more troops for his Condotta Army plus some Scythian Horse Archers to go with a Classical Era army he is building.

Project Lead Mountain has been producing lots of spare bits and pieces since 2012 but it has reached the stage that I have started to run out of sufficient left over castings to make up similar looking elements for some troop types. He wanted a camp for his Condotta, another Pike Block, base of Halberdiers and three elements of Mounted Crossbowmen. I already had a camp that I was about to list on EBay so this was a quick sale. I managed to source the Halberdiers and Mounted Crossbowmen but didn't have any pikemen. A quick look on EBay saw a lot for sale from their Renaissance Range. I submitted a bit for these as well as for some Muslim type Civilians and waiting for the clock to tick down. I was not at home when the auction ended but was lucky enough to have won both lots. It was a mixed bag of Condotta period troops and included 12 identical pikemen.

I also had six left over Scythian Horse Archers that were perfect for his needs.

So now its all painted I am just waiting for the varnish to cure properly before packing them for their flight to Australia. 

ADLG Commanders on 40mm Circular Bases

Minifigs Mounted Crossbowmen

Mixed makes Halberdiers

Unknown Pikemen

Baeuda Kings Tent on 120mm x 80mm base 

Minifigs Scythian Horse Archers

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

SWDL Iceni 2018 500 AP DBM Doubles Tournament

Iceni 2018 Here I Come

Here's the Runners and Riders for Iceni 2018 along with the 1st round draw. An interesting mix of armies taken this year. From books 1 x 4, Book 2 x 3, Book 3 x 1 & Book 4 x 4 and only three DBM list versions selected this year.

22/23 September 2018

Broadlands Youth & Community Centre, Stalham Road, Hoveton, Norfolk. NR12 8DJ

DBM 3.3, 500 AP Doubles.
Based on DBM or DBMM Lists Books, to 1515 AD.


1. Dave Madigan                                             New Kingdom Egyptian, 1450 BC            DBM2
2. Andy Brooker & Bob Billing                      Makkan, 950BC                                         DBM2
3. Jeremy Morgan & John Calvert                   Late Achaemenid Persian, 331 BC            DBMM2
4. John Vaughan & Ken Warren                       Later Carthaginian, 211 BC                       DBMM2
5. Drew Jarman                                                 Skythian, 150 BC                                      DBMM2
6. Ken Cooper & Andy Down                         Thracian, 40 AD                                         DBM2
7. Paul Farbon & Richard Gill                         Late Imperial Roman, 399 AD                   DBM2
8. John Graham-Leigh & Russell King           Carolingian Frankish, 800 AD                    DBMM2
9. Duncan Thompson                                      Anglo-Norman, 1151 AD                            DBMM2
10. Ed Gilhead & Will Talbot                          Later Bulgarian, 1215 AD                          DBMM2
11. Kevin Everard & Robin Honey-Frazer      Medieval German, 1331AD                       DBMM2
12. John Brooker                                             French Ordonnance, 1480 AD                   DBM2

Round 1

1. Dave Madigan                                             v          2. Andy Brooker & Bob Billing
New Kingdom Egyptian, 1450 BC                               Makkan, 950BC

3. Jeremy Morgan & John Calvert                   v          4. John Vaughan & Ken Warren
Late Achaemenid Persian, 331 BC                              Later Carthaginian, 211 BC

5. Drew Jarman                                                v          6. Ken Cooper & Andy Down
Skythian, 150 BC                                                        Thracian, 40 AD

7. Paul Farbon & Richard Gill                         v          8. John Graham-Leigh & Russell King
Late Imperial Roman, 399 AD                                     Carolingian Frankish, 800 AD            

9. Duncan Thompson                                      v          11. Kevin Everard & Robin Honey-Frazer
Anglo-Norman, 1151 AD                                            Mediaeval German, 1331AD

10. Ed Gilhead & Will Talbot                          v          12. John Brooker
Later Bulgarian, 1215 AD                                            French Ordonnance, 1480 AD

(Note teams 10 and 11 have been swapped to avoid clubmates meeting in round one)

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Ghaznavids - Amble Into View From EBay

I Must Stop Looking At EBay - Ghaznavids

Last entry for this week, having already bought the Later Hungarians I then saw a very nicely painted Ghaznavid army built for use with ADLG. The mix of figures means that it makes the core of a very nice army which can be bulked out from my own collection and fielded on the tabletop almost instantly. The commanders are on round bases as per ADLG so will have to be rebased for DBx but apart from a few minor repairs due to damage in transit via the courier the army will just need to have magnetic sheeting applied to the underneath of the bases and its good to go. The ADLG style camp is on an 120 mm x 80 mm base and isn't really suitable for this army so will probably go back on sale as I don't need it for my own collection. Quite a bargain for £210.

Here are the pictures from the EBay listing none of which really don't do the painting justice. My own pictures are below these.

The entire army on display
The Commanders

Lots of elephants from Lurchio

Ghilman Cavalry

Kurdish Cavalry
Light Cavalry

Supported Spearmen

Ghazi Infantry

Afghan Infantry


Supported Dailami Infantry

The ADLG Camp

 Here are my own pictures:

Rebased Generals Elements - Not A Perfect Match But Near Enough

The ADLG Camp

Postscript: Spent today 15/09/18 rebasing the four elements on the round bases and putting magnetic sheeting under all of the elements. Just need to complete the four new bases and paint all the edging and they army is ready to go! I also resold the camp today so that's a result!