Monday, 25 November 2019

15 mm Early Swiss Enfant Perdus

Early Swiss Enfant Perdus

The DBM/DBMM Early Swiss had eight Reg Ps I Enfant Perdus in the list. They are rock throwing children and I thought no one made them until I was directed to the Minifigs website under their Two Dragons range of Dark Age Peasants.

The figures are quite well sculpted and are ideal for these particular Swiss elements.

I only have one more Reg Bd X CinC element to paint to field the Early Swiss army which grew out of my Later Swiss and other suitable three to a base Halberdier elements in other armies.

They are finished off with my usual basing of magnetised MDF covered with Vallejo Earth Brown paste, gravel, tufts with the bases edged in Raw Umber.

This means that now I only have two more Canton Contingents to complete the Later Swiss army.

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