Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Another 28mm D&D Commission - Part 1

When I Am Given An Offer I Can't Refuse!

Someone I know plays D&D and asked me to paint up some more 28mm figures for their D&D mates. I can't refuse as it will make for domestic chaos if I do! There are four in all, three are from Wizkids and the forth an unknown metal casting. 

The first up is a Male Human Barbarian.

They are sold by Wayland Games in Essex amongst various retailers, Product code WKZ73413.

I don't really paint up 28mm scale figures and rarely paint up any fantasy stuff so it allows me to test my painting skills way out of my comfort zone.  It was an interesting fantasy commission to paint up and made a change from the usual Feudal Commissions I have had of late. More on those in a subsequent blog.

Like before the figure required minimal preparation as they are supposed to be painted out of the packet.

I used the retail image as a painting guide along with another picture I have been given and drew inspiration from Hercules, Conan and the Beastmaster.

The other three are on my painting table and will be blogged in due course once I have finally completed the Feudal commission I currently have.