Friday, 8 November 2019

Lurkio Germanic Warriors Reimagined as Feudal Auxilia

Discontinued Lurkio Germanic Warriors Repurposed

On the 4th October 2019 I purchased a special end of line deal of what should have been a bag of 48 discontinued Lurkio Germanic Warriors Code VGB05 there were no shields as these were the old style castings that came in two parts. I had looked at them and realised that with the purchase of some loose shields elsewhere they would be ideal to turn into generic Feudal/Early Medieval Auxilia. Including postage I ended up paying £18-75 for what turned out to be a bag of 83 castings in three poses. There were 23 thrusting castings, 32 running castings and 28 standing armoured castings. One of those had a broken spear but since I didn't plan to use them at this time it meant I only needed to source suitable shields for 48 castings. Whilst looking on Ebay on the 24th October I found a listing for 40 Lurkio round shields which I bid on and won for £4 and was happy to find out I received 44 shields in the post meaning I was only short of 4 suitable shields which I had in my spare parts bag. This meant I had sufficient castings to create 16 elements of Irr Ax O for the grand total of £22-75 which will be ideal to use in almost any feudal or medieval army from 900 AD onwards. 

As is usual for my figures they are mounted on MDF bases, finished with Vallejo Earth Brown Past, edged with Dark Brown and completed with small rocks and a mixture of tufts from Micks Bits.

The now discontinued sculpts are very nice and would easily add into their remastered one piece castings range. They will also do for Irr Wb O or Irr Bd F at a push if I am short of elements in another army.

The left over castings which I may eventually paint up or sell on as they are not needed for my own collection. If they are any use send me a message and you can save me the bother of thinking about painting them!