Saturday, 25 October 2014

Age of Eagles Mega Game Weekend

1806 game using Age of Eagles

Essex Warriors finally got around to putting on a special wargames weekend on 4th/5th October 2014 to celebrate the life of a former member who left the club a bequest in his will.

I took advantage of this to put on a long planned 1806 megagame.

I invited someone off the Age of Eagles Yahoo Group and we set up the game Sat morning and played it out.

Here are some pictures of the weekends game. I forgot to bring all of the terrain on the Saturday which annoyed me but we managed to sort it out Sunday morning so the game at least looked the part.

The players inexperience took up a lot of time and their deliberate style of play mean we didnt cover as many turns as I expected. Unfortunately some people are incapable of taking speedy command decisions in a time limited environment.

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  1. Good looking game. Certainly filled the table top.