Saturday, 4 June 2016

Project Lead Mountain - 4th June 2016 Part 2

Project Lead Mountain The New Stuff

As Part of Project Lead Mountain I am also working through unpainted metal to clear out by unused castings to fill gaps, create morphs for old and new armies and dispose of figures via EBay

I purchased a huge number of Blackhat FE22 Flemish Spearmen over 20 years ago and used lots of them for my Later Crusaders and Communal Italians but I still had well over 80 figures left even after this. I have just spent the last week painting up the last of them to clear another batch from Project Lead Mountain. Here are the results for what are my early 13th C Feudal Spearmen for use in any European army of this era. I decided to give them plainer colours and matching tabards because in the early 13th C heraldry wasn't as developed as it later became and they are really made of Town Militia and Retinue troops. I painted them in pairs of elements to give them a block of spears feel in appearance.

Blackhat FE22 Feudal Flemish Spearmen Reg Sp I/O

Blackhat & Unknown makes as more Spearmen

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