Monday, 27 June 2016

Project Lead Mountain - 27th June 2016 Update

Project Lead Mountain Winding Down?

My original task back in 2012 was to try and clear out my unpainted 15mm ancients figures.

By much effort I have cleared all of my DBx Bk 1 figures, I only had a few for a DBA army which I sold to a clubmate.

My Bk 2 castings now consists of a Box File full of bits and pieces that are not really much use except as donor figures in case I need to either add to, repair or replace already existing elements plus a lot of LH F to morph my Armenians into Parthians one day.

Bk 3 is down to about 100 Kiteshields swordsmen that are surplus to my current needs plus a load of unpainted unarmoured archers which are staring at me waiting for me to paint them. I still have 90 painted elements of Irr Bw I/O to sell on Ebay so these are not a priority.

Bk 4 now consisted of lots of knights [50+] awaiting painting but I already have enough knights in my own collection plus just under 100 longbowmen that were purchased to create a Burgundian army but that got abandoned. Theres some oddments left over too. Lastly theres a lot of Swiss infantry to paint up to make my Swiss army a bit larger but I have put that on the back burner too. 

All this now leaves me with painting up oddments of Feudal figures to finish off some gaps and rebase lots of older figures to either match in to my newer figures of EBay.

So after I got back from the Challenge I sorted out 20 rather old Minifigs dismounted knights marketed as being for English Agincourt use. Well a bloke in a suit of armour looks much the same as another bloke in a suit of armour to me so after repairing some broken lances with metal spears I painted up the 20 castings into five elements of Reg Bs S dismounted knights. I also rebased another 78 castings into something more useful in my own collection, retouching the figures where necessary and allowing me to get some more spare elements ready for EBay with minimal effort.

I also just noticed that I have just had my 20,000th hit on my blog. 

Rather nice mix of Minifigs Dismounted Knights  


Mike Models Spears ready for EBay

Mixed makes Blades ready for EBay

Mixed makes Bd F currently spare


  1. Hello Drew Your unknown shieldless spearmen are old mikes models ( i have some)

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  3. Thanks I have updated the caption. They are on EBay now!