Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Project Lead Mountain - Bit and Pieces

Project Lead Mountain - Bit and Pieces

After completing most of my major projects since 2012 I now have a limited amount of 15mm bits left over to finish.  Part of this involved my morphing my West Frank Norman army in to Eastern Franks. I have done the Feudal German commander but I needed to make up the Edward the Confessor contingent. Luckily I still have bits left over and I only needed to create four elements of Irr Bd S including King Edward.  They are a mix of Essex castings and a few unknown ones.

Being Saxons they have a Dragon Standard, axes and Edwards shield is decorated with his banner

As part of the PLM I am also rebasing odd elements and refreshing them and using up odd figures along the way. I needed to make fresh looking Frankish generals using mostly Essex castings and I have found four castings from an unknown make that made up a nice charging element. I had a spare banner left over so made the CinC element with two banners so he clearly stands out.

Having completed my Later Muslim Indian army in August I had a few left over figures which I painted up to create a few more odd element. I made two Spearmen auxilia elements and six Bow armed Psiloi archer elements. They are mostly spare and might end up on EBay but are also useful to use in a smaller command when I need different looking elements to ensure I dont get commands mixed up. The are all Essex castings.

Finally I saw a resincast model of the Acropolis on EBay. I bid and won. Unfortunately it turned up broken due to being badly packed. All of the resin columns had sheared off. I spent three hours cleaning off the resincast, removing all the remains of the columns and drilling out their centres to replace them. I put metal columns on each corner and glued the roof onto the base. I used plastirod for the other columns and flexed them into their holes and glued them into position. After two coats of undercoat and a very light grey paint with a grey wash I got what I thought was a nice stone effect. The roof is terracota tiles with orange highlights. The model is 11cm long by 7cm wide and came in two sections and is ideal to use as a Built Up Area. I based it on a 12cm x 8cm which is exactly the same size as six DBx baggage elements so will double up as typical Greek, Macedonian and Roman style building cum army baggage. The resincast has the brand name Pegasus cast onto it but I have not managed to find a supplier anywhere on line. All in all it took five hours of work to get finished but I am very pleased with how it turned out.

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