Friday, 23 June 2017

Early and Later Polish - Part 6

Feudal and Medieval Polish - Part 6

Having been suffering the unusual June heat I slowed down on the painting front for a week.

The Early Polish army list starts at 960 AD and finishes at 1335 AD.

I have finally completed the Early Polish Noble cavalry elements.

In DBx terms they are 20 elements of Irr Cv [O]. In 1201 AD the Nobles and Generals are regraded to Irr Kn [F] I have yet to work out if this means they just change fighting style or adopt Western armour styles too. The Early Polish list is further complicated in that by 1243 AD the Nobles and Generals are regraded from Irr Kn [F] to Irr Kn [O] and Irr Kn [S] respectively. I have plenty of suitable unpainted metal left to create the remaining Irr Kn [O] and Irr Kn [S] elements so have decided arbitrarily that the 20 x Irr Cv [O] castings will also do for the 20 x Irr Kn [F] elements which saves me painting a third batch of 72 mounted figures.

Here are the 20 Irr Cv [O] Early Polish Nobles. The riders are Minifigs ZC320 Lithuanian and Polish Mercenary Cavalry with Lance on the outside with Minifigs ZC321 Polish Knight, Russian Style with Round Shield in the middle. I decide that this figure mix would better represent the Nobles supported by their retinue. I discarded the Minifigs horses because I didn't like them and replaced them with a special horse order from Donington Figures consisting HH01, HH02 and HH03 one of each on each element's base for variety. The Minifigs horses are now in the spares box which means I can use them to replace any broken figures or others I might obtain that are sat on the older 1st Generation Minifigs horses.

Lastly I have finally completed the last batch of 10 x Irr Sp [I] elements that make up the core of the Polish peasant infantry, 40 elements in all. They are also Minifigs Z338 castings. I have a huge batch of Irregular Polish Spearmen to also paint for the later armour style from 1200 AD.

This means I can actually deploy the Early Polish army between 960 AD and 1242 AD which is at least a start.


  1. Nice work, but I don't see much in the Early Polish list to make we want to play with them! Cv(O), Sp(I), Bw(O), Ps(O), all irregular... You're doing well if you can make a good army out of that.

  2. They turn into Irr Kn F after 1200 AD rather than Cv O but I like a challenge too and they are not a bad mix of troops in period. Like Jer I am trying to take armies that are not fancied and get them to achieve some results.