Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Leonardo Da Vinci's Tank

Leonardo Da Vinci's Tank in 15mm Scale

Alternative Armies do a large range of fantasy and historic bits and pieces and I rather like my 15mm Duchy of Milan Italian Condotta army. I noticed the Da Vinci tanks by change a couple of years ago and decided they would be rather fun to buy and use as either baggage elements or as artillery on the battlefield. The tank is made from resin and cast in two halves a top and bottom and comes with sixteen cast metal cannons. Whilst the resign was very clean with minimal flash none of the holes for the cannons were actually open which required me to drill all sixteen of them out to make the cannon fit to the base. The models are 50mm in diameter and 25mm tall. 

They took a little while to assemble and after three coats of paint and some dry brushing and a wash they look quite nice. 

They are available to mail order from https://www.alternative-armies.com/collections/15mm-renaissance-altuos-range/products/hot101-da-vinci-tank They also make a Leonardo Da Vinci casting on foot or mounted on a horse which I have yet to paint up. If you want the figures its cheaper to buy them together with the tank using their purchase option as a set.

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