Monday, 28 May 2018

Project Lead Mountain Just Grew Again - Late T'ang

EBay Bargain Again - Late T'ang

Having said I was not going to buy another new army this year as I was working on my Scythians I saw what turned out to be a large 15mm painted T'ang Chinese army on Bay. It's been on my to do list for a few years but I have always been side tracked into other projects. I submitted a bid and won. I paid £197-50 including delivery. The army will need rebasing as it was based for WRG 7th Edition! I will be adding to but for the price I ended up with a very nice core army to build on. The figures are all Outpost Wargames castings and I am very pleased with them. Once its finished I may morph it into the Early T'ang/Sui army.


  1. I will have to rebase them all which will take some time as I need to add to the missing units before I do each batch to ensure they look the same.

  2. I also suggest you to replace the flags as they are akward. Will send a pdf file to you.

    1. Thanks will look out for them. I made my own for the Militia Morale Boosters