Thursday, 11 April 2019

Last of the Hussite Warwagons Done

Project Lead Mountain Keeps Giving Up Gifts

As part of a Hussite junk purchase off EBay I ended up with a badly assembled Essex Warwagon without crew or horses. I took it apart and assembled it properly and raided the spares box for some crew and motive power. The Horses were also Essex and the three crew a mix of Essex and Minifigs. I finally finished it yesterday so its now ready to offer for sale. Painted generically so it will do for Poles, Lithuanians, Hungarians, Hussites and Germans.

I also had a bag of 16 Museum Miniatures MD04 Genoese Crossbowmen with Pavise to complete. They are mice castings and easy to paint up well. They only time sink is decorating the shields with various Italian City States colours. I may sell these as well but I have a suitable space in my storage box for them so theres no rush at present. Sold at the club today!