Friday, 7 June 2019

Essex MPA14 Macedonian: Thessalian Medium Cavalry

Thessalian Medium Cavalry

As part of Project Lead Mountain I am always rooting through bits and pieces to paint up for sale. Having found a bag of Minifigs Thessalian Light Horse whilst looking for something else I realised that I also had 21 unpainted Essex Thessalian Medium Cavalry code MPA14. They are of no use to me and I think I might have bought them when I was building my Marian Romans to use as Macedonian cavalry. I would have decided to keep them but I can use Gallic, German, Spanish, Italian or Macedonian cavalry in my army so they are really a duplication. I might sell on something else in their place. - I think I might just keep them for now!

The figures are the usual Essex type cavalry, single pose riders but with a variation of horses. They painted up easily enough and were finished with a Light Brown shade wash, tufts, small gravel and a matt spray varnish sealer.

UPDATE - I spent an hour moving figures around in my storage cases just so I could fit these into the correct box. So now I have my Polybian & Marian Romans, their Spanish ally and the Attalid Pergamene army all in the same storage box. This does mean I have spare room in my Early Armenian box for more light horse and the Numidians and Tang Chinese need to swop boxes because I dont have enough room for all my Chinese troops waiting to be painted to be stored.

Essex MPA14 Thessalian Medium Cavalry