Sunday, 7 December 2014

New Army Tried Today

Trying out some new ideas

After Caesaromagus last weekend I decided to try out a new army. John Davis from the club brought up his Kushans. This is a totally new build and I have never used this army before - Early Armenians.

I invaded and waited for Johns terrain choices and picked a l.5 FE entirely RGo+H[S]. Being a tester game we played the full rules and ended up with "Strong Winds" which affect both of us for shooting.

John deployed well back and unusually for me I elected to do a flank march. These never normally work for me but I thought I would try something different.

Heres the pictures of the game. I pushed forward on my left and double enveloped Johns LH S. A series of double overlaps saw Johns Right Flank LH destroyed whilst my Flank March command turned up to hit his LH from the side causing them to flee behind his front line.

At this point John rolled a 1 with his CinC's command and was unable to get his elephant out of trouble far enough away to avoid my camels rolling up his line and conceded the game.

A shame really as I was trying to test the army list but understandable in the circumstances. This army choice still needs some practice to see if its worth proceeding with but our new club competition isnt for a few more weeks yet.

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