Friday, 23 January 2015

The Sum Total of my WW2 Naval Collection

Purchased to try out some new rules GQ3, Navwar 1/3000th scale in correct colour scheme carried during the combat against HMS Hood and HMS Prince of Wales 24th May 1941


  1. Do you have a GQ3 scenario for Bizmarck's debut? I am thinking about doing it too.

    1. No really we just put them against Hood and PoW and played out the rules. They insisted on having ammo rules and refused to fire or close and rather than spend an evening doing nothing I fired until it was determined that I have run out of ammo so they closed and sunk Bismarck. Of course it was total tosh but not long after this I stopped gaming in their little circle as I felt they didnt fancy the idea of having a new comer playing balanced historic games.