Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Recent Inactivity

Having had the Flu since Tuesday night of last week!

I didnt manage to do anything much over the last 7 days apart from sweat buckets and feel like crap! I had this years flu jab but unfortunately they got it wrong this year and now people are dropping like flies. 

My current project involves refurbishing some very old DBM baggage elements that I have not used for over 20 years. A quick retouch, some washes and totally rebasing them means I shall be happy to offer 19 elements worth of mobile baggage and 8 elements worth of immobile baggage. I have also been working on yet more artillery elements to complete the missing guns I need for my Mamluks. I also finished the missing Reg Art S I needed for the Attalid Pergamenes and some spare mangonals. They are all still a few days away from being finished when I will be ready to seal them before listing some things on EBay.

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