Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Roll Call 2015 DBM 15mm Tournament 11th-12th April 2015

Time to go public with the runners and riders.

Theres 10 entries this year with a couple of lists still to be checked but the R&R are now public.

This years theme is taken from the DBMM Army Lists. The entrants can choose any army in the DBMM lists that can be commanded by a Brilliant or Inert CinC.
This defines the date range for that particular list and the same army in the DBM army list can be chosen instead as long as it is in the same date range and commanded by the same CinC.

There is no AP adjustment for the generals and we are using the v3.3 House Rules and the BHGS 32-0 scoring system.

The runners and riders have now been announced as follows:
[the 5 Coltishall Cowards entrants are marks as [CC]].

Dave is Thutmoses III (NKE) 1/22 1479 BC-1425 BC
(Not unexpected...) 
Kevin is Mardonios. Early Achaemenid Persian 1/60 492 BC-479 BC [CC]
John B is Timoleon (Syracuse) 2/9 341 BC-327 BC M [CC]

(and not Alexander, as I had been expecting)
Drew is Tigranes (Early Armenian) 2/27 83 BC-69 BC MM

(Painted especially)
Haiden is Crassus  (Marian) 2/49 53 BC [CC]

(Top Man!)
Darrell is Julian (LIMP)  2/78 357 AD-363 AD

(New army)
John V is Li Shi Min (T'ang) 3/20 617 AD-649 AD [CC]

(I was expecting Han Hsin, but similar army)
Andy B is Abu Ahmed al-Muwaffaq (Abbasid) 3/37 868 AD-891 AD [CC]

(Wasn't expecting this - good choice though) 
Gareth is Pal Kinizsi (Late Hungarian) 4/43 1456 AD-1492 AD

(I'd been hoping for Tamerlane)
Chris is Dracula (Wallachian) 4/65 1456 AD-1462 AD & 1476 AD

(The most unexpected choice)

All in all an interesting mix of armies but I still need to confirm if its an M or MM version list.
The comments after the various armies are Jer Morgan's!

For the stats theres two Book 1, four Book 2, two Book 3 & two Book 4 choices.

I nearly went for Marians myself but didnt which thankfully means theres no duplicated armies this year.

The first round will be a random draw except that the Coltishall Cowards players will not be permitted to play against each other.

The second round will be done by points scored but avoiding anyone you have played before and the Coltishall Cowards players will again be kept apart.

The third and fourth rounds will be purely done on points scored avoiding anyone you have played before.

Hopefully Tigranes the Great wont end up with his head on a spike.

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