Thursday, 9 April 2015

Roll Call DBM Tournament

Roll Call DBM Tournament 1st Round Draw

The runners and riders have now been announced as follows:
[the 5 Coltishall Cowards entrants are marks as [CC]].

The First Round is:

Andy B is Abu Ahmed al-Muwaffaq (Abbasid) 3/37 868 AD-891 AD [CC]
(Wasn't expecting this - good choice though) 
Darrell is Julian (LIMP)  2/78 357 AD-363 AD
(New army)

Dave is Thutmoses III (NKE) 1/22 1479 BC-1425 BC
(Not unexpected...) 
Kevin is Mardonios. Early Achaemenid Persian 1/60 492 BC-479 BC [CC]

John B is Timoleon (Syracuse) 2/9 341 BC-327 BC M [CC]

(and not Alexander, as I had been expecting)
Drew is Tigranes (Early Armenian) 2/27 83 BC-69 BC MM

(Painted especially)

Haiden is Crassus  (Marian) 2/49 53 BC [CC]
(Top Man!)
Chris is Dracula (Wallachian) 4/65 1456 AD-1462 AD & 1476 AD
(The most unexpected choice)

John V is Li Shi Min (T'ang) 3/20 617 AD-649 AD [CC]

(I was expecting Han Hsin, but similar army)
Gareth is Pal Kinizsi (Late Hungarian) 4/43 1456 AD-1492 AD

(I'd been hoping for Tamerlane)

Results and later round updates to follow in due course!

It could have been much worse for me in the draw.

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