Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Roll Call DBMM Themes

DBMM at Roll Call Themes

Roll Call for DBMM have adopted new theme split my dates after seeing it work in the Italian DBMM Circuit. I dont play DBMM but the date split looks interesting.

2017. Period 1 – 3000BC to 500BC (the Chariot era)
2018. Period 2 – 500BC to 25BC (High Classical)
2019. Period 3 – 25BC to 476AD (Imperial Rome)
2020. Period 4 – 476AD to 1071AD (the Dark Ages)

2021. Period 5 – 1071AD to 1321AD (Feudal period)
2016. Period 6 – 1321AD to 1515AD (High Medieval)

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