Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Minifigs Z301 European Infantry 12th Century, Hood, Sword

A quick snap of my latest painting project

Here are some pictures of Minifigs Z301 15mm Scale European Infantry, 12th Century, Hood, Sword as per their catalogue:

I found a bag of 16 figures in a big box of unpainted metal and was at a loss what to do with them. I have had them for at least 20 years, probably much longer. For such old castings they actually paint up very nicely.

I am currently painting up a Welsh Army because as usual I have lots of unpainted lead and some unused Feudal DBA armies. I was advised they could easily be mixed in with the spearmen as part of the Welsh infantry, either as Warband or Auxilia as the figures should be mixed up to represent the irregular nature of North Welsh foot. They are painted but are not yet varnished as I have not done the spearmen that will be sitting between nor actually based them up. You can see my method of painting figures from how I glue them onto long sticks for ease of holding.

Minifigs Z301

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