Saturday, 26 September 2015

Project Lead Mountain

Not blogged since Iceni

Been concentrating on rebasing figures and clearing Feudal era figures from the 15mm lead mountain. Including finally finishing off some figures I started TWENTY years ago for my Crusader army :-) Done 20 foot with another 16 to do and the Military Orders options will finally be finished.

I will have to paint up some proper 13th C Wedge Knight bases too as currently I am taping together two normal knight bases as a temp solution as my proper wedge elements are really only suitable for the 14th and 15th C. I have had these figures for just as long so its good to finally make a dent in the last box of feudal era figures. A mix of old Gladiator/Blackhat and QRF[Feudals]l/Bloody Day figures which have now been renamed by their new owners.  

Once I have finished the Mil Order foot I will take a break from painting as I must get them all based properly as theres about 100 elements waiting . 

Playing at Caesaromagus next weekend too so thats going to stop me doing much until after its over.

I have just noticed my blog has now had over 10,000 hits including 50% from outside the UK!

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