Tuesday, 30 August 2016

JR Miniatures Italian Medieval Tower

JR Mini's

They are a USA based company that produces lots of Resincast buildings and accessories. At this years Challenge I saw a lovely Italianate Tower in use in a 25mm Ancients Game. I took a picture of the tower for reference. No one I asked knew where it came from and I checked out all the usual UK suspects. It turned out that it was a JR Mini from their 15mm range of buildings. http://www.jrmini.com/shop/jrmini.php?m=product_detail&p=4204

JR Mini #4204 Italian Church Bell Tower
The UK supplier for JR Mini's is Magister Militum but they confirmed they could not supply it due to having major supply issues from the manufacturers after the range changed hands. So I ended up ordering it direct from the USA. I found it strange they called it a church bell tower which clearly it isnt as lots of Italian cities have built stand alone towers that are not connected to a religious structure in any way shape or form. I also ordered their #4205 Italian Clock Tower. This was on the 24th August and the package arrived this morning. I think that this was excellent service considering and only took a total of six days including a bank holiday here in England. The resincast moulds are certainly showing their age and it took me about an hour to clean them up sufficiently for me to be happy to prepare them for cleaning before painting. There were lots of excess resin on the recesses that needed careful removal with a scalpel. Here is the end result of my spending about 60 minutes cleaning them up. I will of course blog the final images once I have found the time to paint them. I just need to decide on the final look I want to create for them which may see me turning them into a six EE sized base for a BUA along with another building I have laying around waiting to be utilised.
Left #4205 Right #4204
Here is the finished Italian Church Bell Tower #4204

Here is the finished Italian Clock Tower #4205