Saturday, 3 September 2016

Later Swiss Army As Part Of Project Lead Mountain

Later Swiss

As Project Lead Mountain rumbles on I had the metal for a Later Swiss army that had remained untouched for more years than I can care to think about. In the DBM era there were in effect 14 Swiss Cantons so I decided that I would create 14 different uniformed Cantonal Contingents. Each contingent consists of four elements of Pikes. two elements of Halberdiers, two elements of Handgunners and two elements of Crossbowmen. I have just completed contingents 9 and 10. These are for Luzern [Blue/White] and Glarus [Red & Monk]. All the infantry for this army are from Naismith and Roundway which whilst fairly small castings being true 15mm paint up easily and cleanly. Not every canton has a general's element and Luzern made up the last canton that would have a command group.



Swiss Mounted Crossbowmen Cavalry as an option to their Light Horse

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