Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Later Muslim Indian Delhi Sultanate - Part 5 of the Army

Later Muslim Indian Delhi Sultanate - Part 5 of the Army - The Last Part

Finally I am happy to blog the last elements that complete my Later Muslim Indian Army.
The Rathor Allied contingent consisting of a Irr Kn F general and six Irr Kn F knights. The Delhi Sultanate gets this little ally from 1316 AD to 1388 AD. There was scant information on what they Rathor's looked like except for the rather cryptic comment that their national costume was in their chosen colour of yellow.

To create this contingent I eventually chose to use Irregular Miniatures from their Moghul Indian/Persian range. I ordered the following castings:
MIP9 x 1 Indian/Persian Cavalry Standard Bearer
MIP8 x 1 Indian/Persian Cavalry Officer
MIP6 x 19 Indian/Persian Heavy Cavalry Lancer

The figures requires quite a bit of cleaning up and I thought they were quite busy and would be a pain to paint up. Being one piece castings I painted the horses first them worked through them a bit at a time. I didn't like painting them if I am honest as they took longer than I would have liked to get right.

Rathor General Irr Kn F

The entire Rathor Ally Contingent


With this batch the army is now finished and I am considering if I can morph it into a Hindu Indian army with the addition of the correct looking elements to add to it.

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