Thursday, 25 May 2017

Wallachia - Under Vlad the Impaler

Wallachian Army - Part 1

Earlier this month a saw a part finished Wallachian Warhammer army for sale on EBay. I dont normally buy on speculation especially since it was clear that the army was incomplete and unbased. I put in a bid and was pleased to see I won the lot for £58 including delivery. Below are the pictures from the EBay lot which clearly shows what I was buying on a whim.

A total of 32 painted foot, 4 painted guns, 34 painted mounted and 51 unpainted mounted troops. They were mostly ERM castings. Along with the lot was the Warhammer Historicals Book for Vlad the Impaler. The Warhammer book is now on EBay as its of no use to me which hopefully means I will be able to recover some of my initial outlay on this lot in due course. Whilst the painting isnt what you say was done to a master level its certainly more than good enough for my needs. I spent three days removing the painted castings from their bases and had to replace the tails on three horses and refix one horse to its base using a belly pin drilled through the base and horse. A quick sort through of the figure types meant that I could create 13 elements of Wallachian Light Horse and another 3 elements of light horse in a different sculpt. There were also another 6 unpainted castings to match these in the lot. I decided that I could probably match paint the group with my own painting and painted them up in a couple of hours to try and get a similar style of painting.

I completed the rebasing earlier this week and am now pleased to shown the end results below.

13 LH O elements

3 LH O elements

This is the batch of 6 castings I tried to match paint.

2 Reg Art O elements

3 Irr Ps S elements going on EBay

2 Surplus Reg Art O elements to go on EBay

6 Surplus Irr Ps S elements to go on EBay

The remaining unpainted castings.
Theres enough unpainted mounted castings to create the 3 generals elements, 5 elements of nobles and 4 elements of mercenary knights with a few castings left over. This means that I only need to buy suitable figures for the missing infantry elements to complete this army. I already have lots of figures in Project Lead Mountain but I might just buy the Curteni figures I need rather than use poor substitute castings. UPDATE I did buy the Curteni figures from Donningtons so I will have this army to complete some time during this year subject to the Poles being in the front of the queue.

Having spent the last two days painting the Wallachian Nobles I can post the completed elements on here as an update revision. It means the long row of 15 black castings at the top of the picture just above these words are now painted having started out as in the picture below.

Wallachian Nobles Irr Cv O ERM VL6 castings

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