Monday, 18 December 2017

Catalan Company

Catalan Company - Europe's First Mercenaries?

At Caesaromagus this year one of the entrants used a Catalan Company army. This is the first time I had seen it used in any game and the SWDL have it recorded as being only used once before. It didnt do very well on either outing. I think this time due to a badly written list and player inexperience. 

Having seen and fought against it I became curious as to if there's a good army hidden in there somewhere? I dont have Catalan specific figures but I have sufficient Communal Italian infantry and a few other elements that I can throw in to be able to deploy this army on the tabletop. I was short on some Reg Ax S elements as this is a very unusual troop type in Medieval Europe only appearing in three lists at most. I had two batches of painted figures that came out of a Bring and Buy purchase some years ago and they were based up as Irr Ax element. Whilst they were useful I have now painted up sufficient proper elements that they are surplus to requirements so I decided to rebase them into Reg Ax S to use with the Catalans to make up the numbers. 

Here are the figures, they wont win any prizes for accuracy but they will certainly do the trick later this year when I field the Catalans on the battlefield. I think they might be from a couple of fantasy ranges and are well over 25 years old. Discovered that they are Minifigs Mythical Earth castings from the 1970's and have been out of production for a long while.