Monday, 18 December 2017

Early and Later Polish - Part 10

Feudal & Medieval Polish - Part 10

After taking some time out on yet another project I have returned to completing the Feudal Polish army I started in March and stopped working on in July. The 13th C sees the Poles adopting a much more western orientated style of dress. They adopted the almond shaped teardrop shield at around 1200 AD which means for the 13th C part of the army the older Spearmen castings I have completed become unsuitable to use with this army. 

Ian at Irregular supplied me with lots of Polish Spearmen that has allowed me to create four groups each of ten elements of Irr Sp I but with each group in a particular casting pose. I have now completed the first batch of ten elements to use from 1200 AD onwards with another thirty elements still to do. See part 3 for the earlier casting styles Figure Code NR41.

Irregular NR41 castings of the same pose.

With Project Lead Mountain still spewing out tons of unpainted metal I found another bag of 36 archer castings that needed to be painted up. Since I wanted to make them specifically Polish in style it will allow me to replace and sell on twelve elements of Falcon Figure archers that I am currently holding in the armies box just in case I need more archers. They are now on Ebay.

The castings are a mix of Essex Miniature castings [code unknown as its been years since they were acquired].  As usual the figures are crisp and clean and very easy to paint up. 

Rather than just create a new blog entry for another ten elements of Polish Irr Sp I I have appended their pictures to the end of this blog entry. Again Irregular NR41 castings sorted out to give me similar looking figures in this batch of troops.

Irregular NR41 castings of the same pose

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