Saturday, 18 May 2019

Minifigs ZC103 Thessalian Cavalrymen, Javelin

Minifigs ZC103 Thessalian Cavalrymen, Javelin

As part of Project Lead Mountain I have a box of left over 15mm castings for DBx Book 2 armies. I am currently part way through a special commission for a clubmate for his Later Hoplite Greek. They are Xyston castings so are the usual task of drill, clean up and glue together.

He's building Thessalian Reg Cv O elements but their wide brimmed hat reminded me that I had a bag of twelve Minifigs ZC103 in the box. Being older castings that are finely sculpted and four of them had broken javelins. Since I hate to see castings go to waste I decided that I would paint them up as a test project. I managed to drill out all of their hands and replaced their javelins with metal spears to make them more durable and robust. I decided that since they are unarmoured that they will be Irr LH O Light Horse elements rather than Reg Cv O Cavalry elements.

I am very pleased with how they turned out and since I dont have a suitable army to use them with I am almost certain to offer them for sale in due course.

Minifigs ZC103 Thessalian cavalry, Javelinmen Irr LH O