Thursday, 13 February 2020

Heroics & Ros MD57 Snekke

Heroics & Ros Longships

Tucked away within their Dark Ages ranges
are a few ship models which apparently were originally produced by Kremlin Models back in the day.
The website didn't have any pictures but I managed to get them to send me some pictures along with the model sizes.

There are 4 models and they are as follows.
MD55 Drakkar 120mm below
MD56 Skeid 90mm below

MD57 Snekke 60mm [left] and MD58 Karfi 70mm [right] below

I game in 15mm so the base size I use is 80mm x 40mm which limited my choice to MD57 and MD58. Since I am using them for my Norman fleet I went with the MD57 model.

I discarded the roundshield castings that would otherwise be glued alongside the hull. They also come with optional furled sails.

I made them quite generic so I could use them with other lists as and when.