Thursday, 25 September 2014

Arab-Indians the Saga finishes

Having spotted the Arab-Indian List and its morph possibilities.

Once I had virtually finished off all my Arab figures I mentioned earlier I realised that they could easily morph into the Arab-Indian list with the addition of a few more figures [always the way].

So I had a look through my unpainted lead mountain and came across a pile of Tin Soldier Indians from a long abandoned project. I worked out what I needed to paint up and sent off a small order to Tin Soldier. Meanwhile I saw a cheap but badly based Indian army on EBay. They were based up for Impetus so would have to be re based if I bought them. I submitted a bid and since no one else also bid I won so I ended up with a sizable collection of Indian troops to refurbish.

The Tin Soldier figures paint up really well and the morph came together fairly quickly. I still have more Tin Soldier Cavalry and Archers to paint up but since I have added the EBay purchase collection I don't need to paint them for now.

Before people wonder about the shields I consulted Duncan Head about Sindi troops and he recommended I paint them up with Black Lacquered Shields as this was a traditional thing for most Indian armies.

Long term I can add to this collection and eventually turn it into an Hindu Indian or even Later Muslim Indian army.

Tin Soldier Irr Ps S

Tin Soldier Irr Bd F

Tin Soldier Irr Bw I

EBay Purchase Irr Bw I [Chariot Figures?]

EBay Purchase Irr Cv I [Chariot Figures?]

Tin Soldier Indian Elephant [and yes it is really large]

EBay Purchase Irr Ps O [Chariot Figures?]

EBay Purchase Indian Scouts Irr LH O [Chariot Figures?]

Museum Miniatures Baggage Elephants

Museum Miniatures Camel Drawn DBE Baggage Elements

Six EBay Purchase Irr El O

In addition to the above I refurbished the following figures which I will be selling on as they are of no use to me at this time. Two Irr WWg O, three Irr Kn F and six Irr Bw I elements.

Have now sold the two War Wagons to a club mate and the Archers sold on EBay which is a result. So now I have started to play around with the list to see if I can get a viable army to try out in the next few months. 
UPDATE - I am lending the Arab-Indian Army to a club mate on Sunday 19th October to play against so will be able to see first hand how it performs.

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