Monday, 15 September 2014

Home From Iceni 2014 in Hoveton

Coltishall Cowards 500 AP DBM Doubles Tournament

Arrived home after a tiring weekend of rolling dice, cursing a succession of 1's yet still managing to achieve third place after holding the eventual winners to a 5-5 Draw [Jer Morgan/John Calvert] and narrowly beating the second place team 6-4 [John Graham-Leigh/Russell King]. Jer/John and John/Russ were tied for first place but John/Russ lost out on count back due to my winning my game against them.

I learnt a few new things by playing who are probably the best UK DBM players.

Heres my army list.

ICENI 2014 DBM 2014 List 500 AP v3.3 [Date chosen 963 AD]
3/43 Khurasanian [MM list] Samanid 927 AD – 999 AD
Dry. Ag 1. Rv, H[S], H[G], Rd, O, E, RGo, BUA, D
[Rv, DH, RH, GH, Rd, O, E, R or SF, G, BUAf, Samanids only: D or G, Oa]

Command 1
1 x CinC Reg Cv S 30 AP
6 x Ghulam Reg Cv S 60 AP
12x Khurosani armoured spearmen Reg Sp O 60 AP
6 x Khurosani infantry archers Reg Ps O 12 AP [Ps may support Sp]
4 x Khurosani infantry archers Reg Bw O 20 AP
2 x Kumajis or other hillmen Irr Ax O 6 AP
31/28/9.5 [188 AP] [25%=7 EE]

Command 2
1 x Sub-general Reg Cv S 30 AP
6 x Khurosani noble cavalry Irr Cv S 54 AP
4 x Khurosani skirmishers Irr LH F 16 AP
4 x Bedouin Arabs Irr LH O 20 AP
4 x Mercenary Turks Irr LH S 28 AP
6 x Dailami zupin-men Reg Ax S 27 AP
3 x Dailami archers Reg Ps O 6 AP [can support zupin-men]
1 x Khurosani infantry archers Reg Ps O 2 AP [Ps may support Sp]
2 x Hashayrian levies Irr Hd O 2 AP
31/28/9.5 [185 AP] [25%=7 EE]

Command 3
1 x Sub-general Reg Cv S 30 AP
1 x Elephants Irr El O 16 AP
2 x Kumajis or other hillmen Irr Ax O 6 AP
4/4/2 [52 AP] [25%= 1 EE]

Command 4 – Ziyarid Ally [Buyid 3/58]
1 x Ally-general Irr Ax S 9 AP
13 x Dailami Irr Ax S 52 AP
7 x Dailami archers Irr Ps O 14 AP [can support zupin-men]
21/17.5/6 [75 AP] [25%= 4.5 EE]

Command 5
8 x Baggage Irr Bg I 0 AP
8/0/0 [0 AP]

Army [500 AP]

87/77.5/39 to break

Over the weekend I used mobile baggage, on reflection I should have taken immobile baggage but I guess I could have just declared that all my camels were tethered. I never had to move them and being immobile I would not have to hold them if a command broke.

Heres are a few pictures of the first days two games. Being engrossed in playing games on the Sunday meant I forgot to take any pictures.

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