Monday, 8 September 2014

ICENI 2014 Runners and Riders

ICENI 2014 at Coltishall Cowards on 13/14 September 2014

DBM v3.3, 500 AP Doubles. Based on DBM or DBMM Lists Books, to 1500 AD.

Armies Chosen and players:

Villanovan Italian, 650 BC                 Paul Apreda/Harri Apreda                              DBMM
Early Achaemenid Persian, 550BC    Kevin Everard/Robin Honey-Frazer                DBM
Alexandrian Imperial, 324BC             Andy Brooker                                                DBMM
Asiatic Early Successor, 320BC         Richard Gill                                                    DBM
Later Carthaginian, 250BC                 John Brooker /Martin Mitchell (Sa)/Mark Allison (Su)DBMM
Middle Imperial Roman, 240AD        Bill Edney/Haiden Fisher                                 DBMM
Ch’iang & Ti (Former Ch’in), 383AD Jer Morgan/John Calvert                                DBMM
Hunnic, 408AD                                  Duncan Thompson                                          DBM
Sha-T’o Turkish, 910AD                    John Vaughan/Peter Goodrick                        DBM
Khurasanian (Samanid), 963AD         Drew Jarman                                                  DBMM
Welsh, 1403AD                                  Kevin Baker/Neil Baker                                DBMM
Ottoman, 1453AD                              John Graham-Leigh/Russell King                    DBMM

Round 1:

1.Paul Apreda/Harri Apreda                           v          2.Kevin Everard/Robin Honey-Frazer
Villanovan Italian, 650 BC                                         Early Achaemenid Persian, 550BC

3. Andy Brooker                                             v          4.Richard Gill
Alexandrian Imperial, 324BC                                     Asiatic Early Successor, 320BC

5.John Brooker /Martin Mitchell                     v          7.Jer Morgan/John Calvert
Later Carthaginian, 250BC                                         Ch’iang & Ti (Former Ch’in), 383AD

6.Bill Edney/Haiden Fisher                            v          8.Duncan Thompson
Middle Imperial Roman, 240AD                                Hunnic, 408AD

9.John Vaughan/Peter Goodrick                     v          10. Drew Jarman
Sha-T’o Turkish, 910AD                                            Khurasanian (Samanid), 963AD

11.Kevin Baker/Neil Baker                             v          12.John Graham-Leigh/Russell King

Welsh, 1403AD                                                          Ottoman, 1453AD

An interesting mix of armies that may lead to some very odd contests after round 1.

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  1. Report back from Iceni 2014
    Interesting first day gaming at Iceni.
    Usual issue for me is getting a result using 500 AP in 3.5 hours.
    My Khurosanian Samanid army performed reasonably well.
    First game was a 6-4 winning draw against Sha-T'o Turkish of John & Peter.
    Then I had to face Jer Morgan & John, Chiang & Ti. I held on to get a 5-5 draw against one of the best UK DBM players.
    The third round saw me play John Brooker's Later Carthaginian which ended 6-4 to me leaving me on 17 points going into the 4th and last round.
    Due to having already played Jer & John I ended up facing the Ottoman Turkish army of JGL & Russ. A very hard fought game that tought me even more things about DBM I thought I knew ending on yet another 6-4 to me.
    This gave me third place on 23 points behing the eventual Winners Jer & John and JGL & Russ in second place on countback.

    An enjoyable if very tiring weekend. Which I hope to repeat next year.

    Both of us lost a big command and given another 30 mins play they would have probably won by looking my baggage. But I might have cracked a second command so it was still all to play at time called.

    Tommorrow morning game is v Later Carthaginians (MM list)

    They are using the 10-0 system and the current leader is Ottomans on 18 points. So this is the army to beat tomorrow morning to open up the last round placings.

    The Welsh army being used is a vast Ax X version of a beast of an army. Not sure how well they are doing but theres so many to kill to beat it its quite formidable due to its EE size.