Thursday, 20 November 2014

A 6mm WW2 Tank Conversion VK4501[P]

I was reading a 1946 Facebook thread when it reminded me of a conversion I did a few years back in 6 mm. I had a single old style GHQ Elefant which was of no use to me so with a little use of a saw and file I reduced it back to its bare hull. I then looked in the spares box to find what I needed and hey presto !

The turret is off a redundant Tiger I [H] with its distinctive back box replaced by the standard one fitted to a PzKpfw IV

I have a very passable model of the VH 4501 Tiger I [P]

In the background is one of three Diana's I scratch built and the unique half-track prototypes with the 75 mm Pak 40 that was shipped to the Afrika Korps because they were going spare and were not going to be put into production.

My plan is that they shipped the five operational Tiger I [P]'s to North Africa to bolster Rommels troops after Gazala in July 1942. In the normal one model = 1 platoon scale most 6 mm gamers and rules use it makes for a very useful surprise.

I have also modelled Kingforce with its early Churchills supported by some Covenanter tanks which was also sent to North Africa to battle test them before putting that model into mass production.

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