Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Essex Warriors DBM Club Tournament

A DBM Round Robin Tournament

At the 2014 AGM it was suggested that we run a DBM Tournament and Richard kindly offered to organise it. A total of ten players entered and the format was each player had to play the others once and the totals of the nine scores was used to decide the placings. Sadly two players had to drop out do to outside reasons so we were all awarded 16-16 byes apart from the few players who had played them before they dropped out who kept their actual scores. The format was 400 AP to be completed during a normal Sunday meeting.

With the last game finally played on Sunday 23rd November we have a winner and final placing positions.
We used the BHGS 32-0 Scoring system to avoid potential tied scores.

1st - John Davis - Later Hungarian 231 VP
2nd - Bob McDermott - Tamil Chola Empire 204 VP 
3rd - Drew Jarman - Medieval German 173 VP 
4th - Peter Kemp - Yuan Chinese 167 VP 
5th - Tim Myall - Christian Nubian 144 VP
6th - Les Mills - Mongol Conquest 111 VP 
7th - Peter Hockaday - Later Swiss 104 VP 
8th - Paul Brady - Italian Condotta 52 VP
9th - Ian Smith - WOTR Yorkist 25 VP [did not finish]
10th - Mike Fitzsimmons - Sung Chinese 5 VP [did not finish]

We hope to repeat the competition next year probably with a slightly different format to reduce the pressure to get in a lot of games during the year.

So congratulations to John Davis on a well played series of games.

Johns scores were 30, 32, 29, 30, 31, 17, 30, 16, 16 so you can see that the only army that caused him problems was the Later Swiss as the last two scores were BYES.

On a personal note, I struggled badly against Bob and Peter K and totally ruined my deployment and play against John. Having played with this incarnation of my Med Germans for something like 16 games I intend to rest this army up for a while and try some new ones next year. The experience was good though as it allowed me to finally get to grips with this unusual army and learn its weak points and its strengths. John is an experienced player of armies with War Wagons and I learnt a lot playing against him which helped me in later games. Paul is still learning his craft but he has steadily improved over he last two months and had entered Caesaromagus this year using Italian Condotta but I have no idea what it will be organised like until after the tournament.

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