Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A Visit to the Imperial War Museum This Summer.

We went to the IWM at a time when there were no WW1 tickets available.

The place was rammed to the doors as it had just reopened.

I had a chance to chat to the library staff about the old reading room and doing research. Its still there but hidden away for serious academics. Sadly since then due to a £4M budget shortfall they have announced plans to close the reading room and library and make all the staff there redundant.

Having remembered the old museum from the 1960's I cant say I was impressed with the new design and layout.

I asked where the German surrender document was that used to be on display and was told that its in store now. I made a complaint about the IWM exhibit labelling whilst there myself. None of the exhibits are actually labelled and you have to refer to a wall plan to see whats what to find out any information. Very poor use of design IMHO. The main issue is everyone has to keep referring to the same plan and then go back to the exhibits causing lots of unnecessary foot traffic.

They basically gutted the building to make three floors of open walk space around the atrium and removed 75% of the exhibits. Mind you we have had a few wars since the 1960's. If you have a general interest in history its worth a visit but dont expect to see much that will broaden your knowledge.

Their website is http://www.iwm.org.uk/

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