Sunday, 10 May 2015

DBM at Essex Warriors Today

Early Armenians v Middle Imperial Romans

Richard at EW wanted a rematch against my Armenians as I slaughtered his Polybians earlier in the year. We are running a DBM Tournament and since neither of us had a tournament game I suggested he use his Middle Imperial Romans against me to get some practice in.

Surfice to say it wasnt a good day for the Romans as I comprehensively destroyed his largest command and had picked off enough troops from the other two commands to break his army after about 2.5 hours gaming. I managed to lose one Reg Bd I and fours Irr LH F whilst my Later Pre-Islamic Arab Ally sat out most of the game as it was unreliable yet again until the last two bounds. Thakfully the Romans were so far away from them I was still able to advance down the side of the table to get into position for when they might come on side.

Richards terrain fell on my side of the table so I added in some RGo to give my auxilia something to aim for.

The unreliable LPIA ally sitting at the top of the picture

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