Sunday, 31 May 2015

Essex Warriors DBM Tournament Games Today

I finally got my second tournament game today.

Tim was using his Christian Nubians against my Samanids, 400 AP v3.2 DBM

I invaded and after deployment rolled the PIPs to get a reliable Buyid ally and a 6. This allowed me to pressure the open flanks of Tims army. I eventually managed to crush his flanks and take out sufficient elements from his CinC to win 27-5. I foolishly forgot that my Bw cant fight in two ranks v warbands which cause the premature loss of my CinC's command but it was too late to influence the outcome. My lone elephant padded around in the centre ground being avoided like it had the plague which was useful as it made the battle into two wings where I could exploit my greater command flexibility and concentrate most of my mounted troops against his right wing.

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