Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Another Christian Nubian Army

Bertrand Jacquemart Suggested Christian Nubian List

Bertrand said he used to use Christian Nubians lots back in the day and he kindly sent me his list.

1st command :
C-in-C Irr Cv (S)
3 Irr Cm (S)
3 Irr Cv (S)
5 Irr LH (O)
9 Irr Ps (O)
21 E/16.5 EE/5.5 D

2nd command :
Sub general Irr Cm(S)
7 Irr Cm(S)
4 Irr Lh(I)
2 Irr Ps(O)
14 E/13 EE/4.5 D

3rd command :
Sub general Irr Cv(O)
20 Irr Wb(F)
1 Irr Ps(O)
22 E/21.5 EE/7.5 D

4th command :
Arab allied general Irr LH(O)
9 Irr LH(O)
5 Irr Cm(O)
15 E/15 EE/5 D

72 E/66 EE/33 B

His choice of troops rational is below:

No archer. Too slow. Only quick and strong forces. Camels ambushed the second command in a sand dune. The same if possible with Wb. The command of the C-in-C visible except camels if possible. The ally to bypass on a wing or flank march. The idea is to move fast and hit hard. The Wb must draw the attention of the opponent while the rest of the army trying to overwhelm that of the other player. It is possible to lose two commands of mounted troops without losing the army.

It is certainly interesting to see how another player designs their army list. I personally dont think it would suit my style of play though. I am going to give the DBMM army list version some thought as I think it might be better than the DBM version.

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