Sunday, 11 October 2015

Kardashians v Italo-Ostrogoths Take 2

A Rematch that's closer than the score line suggested.

Peter K asked me for a DBM 400 AP rematch today because he wanted to try out another idea for his Italo-Ostrogoths. I had played him back in May this year [see blog] so used the same list I had written before as I was too tired to try and craft a new list after Caesaromagus.

The list was as follows:
Command 1
1 x CinC Irr Cv S
6 x Horse Archers Irr LH F
6 x Archers Irr Bw I
4 x Archers Irr Ps O
6 x Javelinmen Irr Ax O
6 x Ibernian Longchoporoi Irr Ax S
29 E/27 EE/9 D

Command 2
1 x Sub General Irr Cv S
6 x Horse Archers Irr LH F
6 x Archers Irr Bw I
4 x Archers Irr Ps O
12 x Javelinmen Irr Ax O
29 E/27 EE/9 D

Command 3
1 x Internal Ally-general Irr Cv S
10 x Cataphracts Irr CV S
8 x Horse Archers Irr LH F
19 E/19 EE/7 D

Command 4
1 x Internal Ally-general Irr Cv s
2 x Cataphracts Irr Cv S
4 a Horse Archers Irr LH F
7 E/7 EE/3 D

Army Baggage
6 x Baggage Irr Bg I

Army Total
84 EE/80 E/40 B

Peters revised list was a CinC command consisting of lots of Irr Bw I and a Few Kn F  plus two balanced commands with some Irr Sp I and more Irr Kn F plus other small numbers to make them larger.
Command 1 23 E/21.5 EE/7.5 D
Command 2 24 E/22 EE/7.5 D
Command 3 24 E/22 EE/7.5 D
Army - 71 E/65.5 EE/33 BP

I turned out to be the invader and most of the terrain was on my side of the table and my Command 3 was unreliable for the first few bounds.

Peter attacked my left flank and eventually broke my command 4 after a few bounds of combat.
I pushed forward my centre and started to close his Irr Bw I with my Ax but lost a quick casualty to a 6-1 as usual. I then ended up with what seemed like three bounds where I could not extricate my LH and he managed to quickly despatch them with his CinC's small group of knights. In the mean time I was punching through his inferior bowmen and had broken his CinC's command but due to another turn with no PIP's my auxilia started to charge his demoralise bowmen and I had a single Ax S fighting against them whilst overlapped. Of course this meant I got the inevitable 6-1 roll against me to lose the stray auxilia and this demoralised my CinC's command but not the army. It was only a matter of time before I broke as I was only two elements away from losing whilst I still needed to get another six from Peters army.The end result was 7-3 to Peter K which equates to a 23-9 BHGS score. This game was quite fun and taxed my skills due to the sort of army I was using. Nine VP in a single game is still three more than I managed in four games last weekend!

Below are some pictures taken due the course of the game.


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