Tuesday, 27 October 2015

15mm DBM Spanish Allied Contingent & Misc Other bits

Finally Have An Ancient Spanish Ally After 20 Years

As with every wargamer I purchased figures with a view to providing an ally for this or that army. Time flew by and after 20 years and having cleared out two box files of metal I am now left finishing off the last bits and pieces to complete long forgotten projects.

I purchased some old painted 15mm Minifigs Z81 Spanish Scutarii in a Bring and Buy. They were not that well painted and some figures had broken javelins. I also obtained five Z81 that were unpainted as part of a job lot of Classical Era Macedonian & Punic War left overs.

Well I painted up the five figures to match the others, smartened them all up and rebased them. Below is the final result and I must say I very happy how they turned out. Can you spot the new figures from the old ones?

Minifigs Z81 Spanish Scutarii

Having done this I needed to make sure I have enough figures painted to give me all the choices for the Iberian Ancient Spanish Ally because the DBM and DBMM army lists are slightly different. I now have four elements of Irr Cv O Long Shield Cavalry including a generals element. Three elements of Irr LH O Round Shield Cavalry, four elements of Irr Ps O Balearic Slingers and sixteen elements of Irr Ps S Caetrati. I still have another sixteen elements of Caetrati to paint if I want to field a Lusitanian allied contingent but they can wait for now.

Below are the pictures of the various elements.

Essex Longshield Spanish Cavalry

Essex Roundshield Spanish Light Cavalry

Essex Balearic Slingers

Essex Caetrati
I addition to this I painted up an odd Donningtons Numidian Elephant I have had laying around for a similar amount of time as well as finally finishing off the last three elements of Marian Roman Generals elements I had part done to replace the original elements I have now sold on. I also rebased up some of the Marians/Polybian mounted I had as their bases were very tired and they needed freshening up. Lastly I scratched a Numidian Memorial Tomb to use with my Numidian Army as a baggage element as I was one short.

Donningtons Numidian Elephant

Essex Marian Roman Generals

Essex Polybian Roman Italian Allied Cavalry

Essex Polybian Roman Syrian Horse Archers

Numidian Memorial Tomb Baggage Element


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