Sunday, 1 November 2015

First Game Using Welsh DBM 400 AP

Welsh Go To Italy On Holiday And Lose Their Trousers

Peter K at Essex Warriors his still fine tuning his Italo-Ostrogoth army list with a view to possibly using it in next years club DBM tournament. So he asked me for another 400 AP practise game to see how his latest ideas would work.

His current version comprised an army of 71 E/65.5 EE breaking on 33 EE losses.
C1 = 23 E/21.5 EE/7.5 D
C2 = 24 E/22 EE/7.5 D
C3 = 24 E/22 EE/7.5 D

My army was totally new for me and comprised 104 E/ 94 EE Breaking on 47 EE losses.
I used four commands, two of 32 E and two internal allies of 20 E.

It is a very large army if a little one dimensional. I only decided to build it because I had a load of unpainted and otherwise useless figures that were doing nothing along with four old DBA armies which needed rebasing and were perfect to use as Welsh infantry.

I ended up invading and placed a Rd and 3 FE of Entirely Steep but bare hills. I used two 1.5 FE which both fell in the same sector on Peters side of the table. Peter just placed three gentle hills.

We deployed along the table frontage and I rolled two of the usual 1's for first PIP's which meant one of my allies was unreliable. Raf came over a few times during the game and commented "every time I come over all I see is you rolling 1's". It wasn't as bad as it seemed but I suffered from high losses due to archery fire all on one of the now reliable allies which soon mounted up and they eventually became demoralised. But by the same token one of my archer groups was quite adept at shooting Peters Irr Kn F from their saddles too. This caused my Green ally command to break in the centre. But I managed to hold most of it the next bound by rolling a 6.

Not long after this I broke Peters left wing command which taken with his other losses meant I was only 5 elements away from breaking his entire army. Another bound went by with another 2 losses meaning that he was 3 elements away from breaking unless I broke a second command which would only take another 1.5 EE losses to break. With this in mind Peter through caution to the wind and charged in with everything he could and gambled on getting some decent results. With this he took 8 elements off in one bound to break my CinC's command and with it the entire army for a 9 - 1 victory which equated to a 27 - 5 BHGS result because Peter had lost 45.8% of his total army compared to my 100% making the difference 54.2%.

I was greatly hampered by the lack of usable terrain in my side of the table and even if I had not placed any terrain in the first phase and waited until afterwards I would have ended up with less terrain to try and place and risked it not being used due to lack of room in some sectors.

Quite often the scoreline doesn't show how close these games are and the fact that it could have gone either way. I can see possibilities using the Welsh army but probably in themed tournaments rather than an open one.

Below are some pictures taking during the course of the game.

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